"Say a little prayer…"

Famous singing scene from the movie

I was WIDE awake at 5:45 this morning…but I woke up literally singing! I started to belt out the song from “My Best Friend’s Wedding” with Julia Roberts….

“From the moment I wake up

Before I put on my makeup

I say a little prayer for you..

While combing my hair now

And wond’ring what dress to wear now

I say a little prayer for you…”

It is a good thing that Mike is back in Chicago for work because he would have thrown a pillow at my face. For the past two nights I have been unable to fall asleep until 1 am and then I wake back up and an hour or two later. Where is all this deep sleep I read pregnant women have?

Lately I have had cramping, which is normal- however mine have been staying to one side. Along with this I have had a lot of spotting. Being a first time pregnant woman I have been a ball of nerves, often tearing up for fear something is wrong. I called my doctor’s office the other day and to air on the side of precaution they asked me to come in to have an ultrasound. I did some blood work (which I hear I have to get used to…yuck!), and I go back Friday to do more blood work to make sure my numbers are okay. But today is the day I find out if our little bean is okay. All I want to know is that he/she is where they need to be, and not ectopic. My one-side cramping and spotting are signs of an ectopic pregnancy, hence the reason for our ultrasound appointment.

I am trying to keep high hopes and think happy thoughts, but it is hard. I am 6 weeks and 4 days and that is so early and anything can happen. Our bean’s heart has started to beat already & I might be able to hear it today. If I hear that beautiful noise I will be ecstatic! They say that once you hear the heart beat there is a small chance that you will miscarry….

So I guess my early morning sing session is my body slaping me in the face, screaming “Chill Out!”

As I was blow drying my hair I started singing songs from Les Miserables, my favorite musical. I am seriously going crazy. I am acting out a musical while flat ironing my hair and then I stop & cry. Stop then sing. Stop then tear up again. HOT MESS ALERT! I know no one is reading this yet, but it feels so good to write this out. A little therapeutic. So I am going to go, pick up my mom (my support team) and go face this ultrasound. God gave us this amazing gift and so glad I get to see him/her today!

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    That’s really thinking of the highest order

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