Got a little help from The Bean today :)

No the bean didn’t cure me of my nausea, sadly that is still going strong.

I recently ordered some new outdoor drapes from West Elm that hang on one side of the backyard (conveniently blocking the crazy neighbor!). Like most situations between Mike and I, he convinced me to only order 4 drapes when I knew I needed 5. He only agreed with me when we hung them up and there was a nice little gap;) Dummy me ordered the 96″ length when I needed the 108″.

Well I have been putting off calling West Elm to see if it was too late. Man I lucked out with the nicest lady on the phone. As she looked up my order she said it was placed in SEPTEMBER!!! And they have a 30 day policy. She told me that they sometimes bend the rules and asked if I had a reason for not calling.

And then I proceeded to use my unborn child to help me get West Elm to bend their 30 day policy.

Me: “Well Peggy, I am pregnant and have had horrible first trimester nausea…”

Peggy: {gasp}  “Oh MY!”

Me: “I have been basically been living out of my bed for the last two months…”

Peggy: “You need not say more….that is the best excuse!”

When I first hung up I had guilty feelings that I just used The Bean like that. Obviously listening in, Mike danced out of his office giddy that my procrastination didn’t cost us. Then sensing my guilt he stopped dancing and assured me that I was telling me the truth, not lying. And he is right. I really have been a sick and lazy momma to be. So thanks to my little bean (who is the size of a plum or large lime today!) I got the hook up!!

We have three more days until the 12th week marker…HOORAY! We are only two days away from seeing and hearing The Bean again! Wednesday we go in for another sono and tests to make sure the baby is healthy and on track.  New pictures to come!!

Until then Mike and I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with friends and family!

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