Less than 2 weeks….

We have less than 2 weeks left until we are out of the first trimester! I am counting the days hoping there will be an end to first trimester sickness. Yep still sick! I am eating so much, literally every two hours, to help fight off the sickness or my stomach starts having loud conversations. I can’t believe how hungry I can get in such a little time frame. I will pork out on a meal and 45 minutes later I want to eat again! It still boggles my mind.

I am still having some cramps; however, the worst is back pain. I look like an old woman hobbling around Tampa.

I’m still pretty tired, but not as bad as before. I can actually go a whole day without a nap. Trying to cut back on the naps so I can try to sleep better at night.

I can’t get comfortable at night. Toss & turn. Toss & turn. As soon as I begin to feel sleepy I have to pee! I’m averaging 2 to 3 restroom trips a night- and boy it is dangerous!! I am usually half asleep trying to navigate the hall and hit a shoulder, arm or leg on one of our closet doors. I have been stubbing my toe on our scale- every time.

This week two friends have and are currently giving birth! Skyla gave birth to a handsome little man, Tyce. He is such a sweet baby and mom is recovering at home and amazingly has been getting more sleep than expected! Lauri was induced Saturday evening and still no baby.

Holding Tyce was a real eye opener. It was crazy to think in 7 months I will be holding my own baby.  So amazing! Speaking of boys – it seems like everyone is having a boy- except my friend Megan in Orlando- she is the only one on team pink! Mike and my mom think the baby is a girl.

There is a saying that girls take the mom’s beauty away during pregnancy. This baby has made me feel and look like I am 13 years old all over again with some nice acne! Fabulous;)

We will find out the sex probably the last week of December or first week of January. Whatever the sex we just hope he/she will be healthy and happy!!

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