Throwing in the towel….

I am beyond happy and blessed that I am pregnant BUT this first trimester sickness is for the birds. There have been a few days lately that I have woken up feeling great, BUT by lunch I am feeling poopy again 🙁 The last two days I have felt horrible pretty much the entire day! AWESOME!

This weekend is the wedding of two dear friends, Nick Laughlin & Erica Lesko. Mike is the best man and I am reading in the wedding. The two soon-to-bes came down this past Saturday and have been staying with us until today when they headed down to the wedding location. I am pretty worried that I will feel horrible during this amazing moment for our friends & that is a reason why I am throwing in the towel.

We have an appointment with our OB, Dr. Irvin, tomorrow am. I created a typed list of questions (Yes typed, a little OCD)…but also to ask for some help with this sickness. I am not asking for a magic pill just so I can have a great time at the wedding, but so that everyday from tomorrow on can be a little easier! It is so hard to be productive when you feel like you want to hug a toilet AND have 30 lbs weights on your eye lids….

We have a fabulous restaurant called City Fish and every time Nick & Erica visit we go. Last night we were all so pumped to go and chow down on the most amazing appetizer, steak madiga. As we were ordering Mike and I both wanted to share some yummy crab legs…..yummy was the last word I thought when it arrived to the table.

As soon as the server placed it in front of us the fishy smell made me want to jump across the table and head for the restroom. I tried to look down at my own food, steak and spinach, and concentrate on that and not the gawd awful nastiness in front of us. It was of course not nasty, the smell of crab was just revolting to me.

That smell kept me from eating another bite. Thank goodness Mike, as usual, had quickly attacked the crab legs and there was hardly any left. He swiftly moved the basket and I tried to sip on H2O in hopes of gaining my appetite. I tried to eat my dinner but couldn’t. Erica is my soul sista and ordered the fabulous tableside banana foster dessert- Mmmm Mmmm good. So my dinner consisted of some great bread, 4 bites of steak, 2 bites of spinach and BIG helping of our ice cream banana foster dessert!

So less than 4 weeks until this first trimester is over and hopefully I will gain my energy back and can say GOODBYE to nausea!!

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  1. Billy & Megan commented:
    November 4, 2010 Reply

    TWO WORDS: PREGGY POPS!!! They help tremendously with the nausea – you can find them at maternity & baby stores (or order online)…

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