Today God is laughing at me

Sometimes I think God has moments where He likes to look down and laugh at us.

Case in point…my Monday.

I woke up and got ready dreading work due to horrible rainy thunderstorms we were having and it was projected to rain the entire day. Mike and I searched the house and only found one umbrella. I do not know how or why I have this particular umbrella, but it was made for a child. Seriously, the diameter stretches from one shoulder to another! I am sure I looked pretty ridiculous heading into my accounts. The only thing it is good for is keeping my hair wet. The rain came from all sorts of directions with the wind, so today I rocked misty frizzed hair. Along with the lack of a working umbrella, I had the day off. Yes people I woke up and went to work on MLK! Thanks to my lovely co-worker Lauren, I would have worked the entire day if she hadn’t sent me a text puzzled why I was up so early on a day off! Thanks Laur! So as God chuckled upstairs I headed to the salon to get my nails done!

On another note I got the fetal heart monitor in the mail today. After a couple tries and with my mom’s help I was able to make it work. Her heartbeat is lovely music that I could listen to all day long!

And on another note we have been preparing the house for the baby and first up was getting the grout cleaned and replacing the carpet in the baby’s room, guest room and Mike’s office. Grout was done and cheap- floors look uber clean 😉

Carpet…well that was an experience. My mom came over in the morning while I went to work during the installation. When I came home for lunch I was surprised when I saw the carpet in Mike’s office. We signed up to get regular looking carpet (these are rooms that are rarely used and we went the cheap route) and to my amazement I had really nice berber carpet! I was shocked and gave my mom an eye…you know the “OMG this is not the right carpet…” eye.

Quietly I mouthed, “this is nicer carpet than I ordered”. I brought her in another room and explained the issue. I didn’t want to say anything yet because if I could manage to score berber carpet for a cheaper price my lips were sealed with super glue. The only hang up- the color. We wanted a light cream color and this carpet was 20 shades darker. Our couch is a light chocolate and when you put a piece of the berber next to it, it blended. I knew I would not get to keep this major upgrade and I went to Lowes to figure out what to do.

The solution = the installers messed it up and installed someone else’s carpet in our house and had our carpet at their warehouse. So they are coming back Thursday to rip out and install the right stuff. I am so happy that this is happening so quick. My house is such a mess with my dining room filled to the brim with décor.

These are moments where I usually would have popped open a bottle of malbec and poured a glass or two.

No vino for this preggo…so I am going to drink my special reserve (aka H2O) and watch 20/20.

Hope you and God got a laugh at my crazy day…I did.

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