drum roll….


And The Bean has a name! We decided on Lily Mackenzie Romano 🙂

I was shocked at how hard it was to pick a name. I struggled with the fact that I was naming a human being, not a pet. This name will go on stationary, on a resume, on a wedding invitation, be called out at school as she raises her hand. I took this task as a mother (strange to call myself that!) very seriously. Lily was a name that Mike and I liked before we even knew she was a she. Mike was pulling hard for Peyton to be the name and since I vetoed that I let him pick the middle name, Mackenzie.

Having Lily’s name set in stone makes this journey even more real. We love talking about her and actually using a name. Mike even asks me in the morning…”So how is Lily…” It feels right.

Lily is almost 20 weeks!! Half way there!!

BTW- to Justin & Lauren, I can’t wait to tell Lily the list of names that her uncle & aunt came up with! Personally my favorite from the list was Onamora, which is romano spelled backwards with an added “a”.

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