21 weeks :)

Hello out there! Well I am going to try and make this quick because American Idol is on and I love me some Idol!

A good laugh is good for the soul… I feel bad that it is at the expense of others…but if you agreed to be on television you are free game for a laugh!

Anywhoozers- We are 21 weeks today! And my weekly emails from Baby Center inform us that she is the size of a large carrot or 5 large tangerines! Last week at 20 weeks she was a banana 🙂

An update with our last doctor visit at 20 weeks- it went great! The doc said she was measuring at 20 weeks 5 days- they will not change my due date, unless it is a much bigger difference. So who knows when she might actually come. She weighed 14 ounces… 2 small itty bitty ounces short of a pound! The ultrasound really made our day. You could see all of her fingers and toes (she has 10 of each!), and she was swallowing a lot…even raising her hand to her mouth to suck on her thumb (something Mike did as a child!).

The flutters are now gone and I am overjoyed that I now feel “love taps”. I call Lily’s light kicks love taps because they are not a hard kick yet. Mike has not been able to feel them- partly because the taps are pretty quickly! Speaking of quick- I have had some jabs of pain every now and then. The other morning as I rolled over to press snooze again I felt the worst one to date on the left side. I curled up in the fetal position it was so bad. The sharp jabs are called side ligament pains and it is just my body stretching out. They are quick, but leave me sore the rest of the day. Crossing my fingers that it doesn’t get to that level of pain again…but what am I thinking—this is no where near the level of pain I will encounter when during labor!

On a more somber note…I would like to ask all of my family and friends for some prayer help. If praying ain’t your thing- then hope, wish, or dream for some peace in Egypt. My dad’s sister, the fabulous Aunt Jane, is married to my sweet Uncle Fathy. Fathy is Egyptian- but you would never know it because other than his “middle eastern tan” that I envy, he has the biggest & sweetest southern draw. Even though he grew up in the states he still has family back home. His son and my cousin, Will, was just visiting Egypt for the first time. I am so thankful he is back home and safe. It breaks my heart for him to worry about his family in such a scary time of crisis that Egypt is facing. He speaks to his cousin everyday. His cousin did go out and protest a bit and warns that tomorrow is suppose to be very violent. So I ask you all to please pray for peace in Egypt.

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