already a stubborn child!

We haven’t seen Lily since 22 weeks, and we would not get the chance again until our 30 weeks sono, so being impatient Mike and I made a 3d/4d ultrasound appt.

All morning I could feel Lily move around and was excited that we would get some great shots of her. Boy was I wrong! We got one or two side profile shots and then she turned to face my back. We took a break while I drank some apple juice to give her a sugar high, and she was NOT having it. She would not budge. Major bummer. Since they were not able to get a good shot of her we get to come back at not cost! Cross your fingers people that Lily goes along with this and we get to see her.

I am almost 25 weeks, so she is still really small. When we go back around 31-34 weeks she will have much more fat on her and maybe some chubbier cheeks that I can’t wait to pinch. So here is a side profile snapshot! On the right hand side you can see part of her foot that is raised up. When we first started her hands were blocking her face, her leg was up and her foot was touching her forehead. So flexible. She was breech making it even more difficult to get a great shot.

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