Hellooooo 3rd trimester!!!

Tomorrow we will have reached 27 weeks crossing into the third trimester. I have a phone app that counts down by weeks or by days, and tomorrow we will have 92 days left…but who knows it could be less, or more depending on when Lily wants to make her grand appearance.

So I will add some other 3 d pics that I forgot to add from the second time we went to get better shots of her. Let’s just say she loves her hands! She had them up around her face a majority of the time, however we were able to get a few shots without a hand or foot blocking her sweet little face!

Besides the glamour shots, Lily has been pretty busy inside her cocoon! Last night I had insomnia, AGAIN, and just when I thought I would fall asleep Lily decided to move furniture around…most of the time I can sleep though it. Usually this wakes me up but I am able to fall back asleep. Last night was different.

Hopefully I get more rest tonight because I guess the lack of sleep is starting to show. A nurse in one of my accounts was nice to point out the bags under my eyes…thanks.

What else to report….my back, yes my back problems. Man I feel and look like I am 90 years old!! I have still been getting those horrible back pains- most of the time it is just horrible pinching feeling. Last night I leaned over the bed and was swaying back and forth to try and stretch it out. Mike walked in thought I was going into labor!

So the last few days I have not been using my workbag when I go into the offices. I just carry in my computer, keys and any marketing materials to drop off. We will see how long I can really do this and be productive! Today I wore flats for the first time to work and it was fabulous for the first hour, and then even in flats, my feet started to swell. I just kept repeating “93 more days, 93 more days”….

Lil’s room is really looking more and more complete. We have an end table that my mom and I painted the same pink on the walls. I switched out the knob on the drawer for this cute one I got dirt cheap on clearance at Pottery Barn. We put up her butterfly mobile and it is super cute & BIG. I figured she will be able to use this mobile even as she grows to “big girl” status. Yesterday my mom and I hung shelves over her changing table and Mike put together her bassinet my mom got us. She said it was an early birthday present for me, but I know it is a glimpse at how much this child is going to be spoiled. The chair and ottoman that my mother-in-law and sis-in-law got us comes sometime in April and the drapes I ordered are on back order until April 15th…so I have some time before it will truly be a complete room.

What else…well I have only told a few girlfriends this story, but now I can laugh about it. One experience I have had during this pregnancy can come at any moment and has the possibility of being extremely embarrassing! Luckily, it has only happened at home and in front of Mike.

The first time “this thing” happened was when Mike and I were watching tv. And like usual, Mike made some corny, but funny, comment and I laughed out loud really hard.

And then I wet myself….yes people I wet my pants!

Not bad, but enough where I needed to change my underwear!!! That was a good laugh. But now if I sneeze I have to hold my legs together too! So at any point of my day if I laugh too hard or sneeze, I could pee. The other day I was in Target and felt a sneeze coming, I panicked and crossed my legs together. I must have looked ridiculous! Anyways I hope you enjoyed that story and it made you laugh! Can’t wait to share this story with Lily when she gets older!

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  1. Angie johnson commented:
    May 17, 2011 Reply

    Lol! Just wait until after she comes! You can't laugh, cough, sneeze, jump…etc without trouble!! it still sometimes happens (rarely though) now. They ain't kidding when they tell you to do your kegel exercises!!

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