Maternity pics

So I totally caved and we got maternity pics. I despise any pictures of me right now as I feel like a whale with the weight gain and swollen hands/arms/face/feet. My friend Eva’s husband, Patrick, does photography and did the pics dirt cheap(Thank YOU!), so I took the offer so Lily will have pictures of being in my belly 😉

The day was full of stress that ended up in laughter. To help feel pretty I went to Saks to get my makeup done at MAC. Of course the day I go in it was prom. The place was packed. They called anyone who could apply lipstick to come work because the chick I had painted my face like a drag queen!!

Seriously people!

I told her it was for a maternity session and I wanted light pinks. Homegirl painted my black eye brows even blacker and BIGGER! She went way too dark on the lid and smeared white shimmer on the upper brow! She went way over my lips to make them bigger – and used a pencil 3 shades darker than the light pink lipstick- needless to say I quickly left Saks and drove home crying!

I knew it was bad when I pulled up and Mike couldn’t stop starring at me. When he said, “Whoa babe, that is crazy….that is really bad”. I ran to the bathroom to perform damage control and Mike followed me repeating “that is bad”. I think he was in such shock but all it did was make this preggo cry harder!

In the end I washed off the horrible mask and started from scratch!!! I am to laugh about it now!

i swear there is only one baby in there!

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  1. Emily Ley commented:
    May 25, 2011 Reply

    Oh my gosh, these are so sweet! I love the last one! And the Steelers Jersey!!! xoxoxo

  2. joyce romano commented:
    May 25, 2011 Reply

    Amy, You look beautiful. Michael looks sooo happy. Your special day, the birth of your daughter Lily, is arriving soon. Sleep as much as you can!!!!! We are anxiously awaiting our granddaughter to arrive and find her home in her beautiful PINK room!!!
    Love you, Joyce

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