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Tomorrow we finally get to meet our precious Lily. I cannot take this huge grin off my face. I was really nervous all day….it hit me after our morning doctor’s visit that it would no longer be just Mike and I. We would have an actual human depending on us for the rest of our lives.

I was, and still am, scared/nervous for the actual labor process. There WILL be an epidural…kudos to those women out there that can push out a watermelon without the need for pain meds…..I am not that kind of woman and never will be.

I cry over paper cuts people.

I wonder how long I will last, how long labor will be, and most importantly if I will be able to go the non-c section route. Whatever is safest for Lily will have to do but I would love not having to deal with post surgery Amy. If I cry over paper cuts, imagine how I am after surgery!

Having this huge grin is a total 180 from how I have been over the last two weeks, especially the last week! I have heard that the end of my pregnancy will be hard, and that I will be so tired ….well it was actually unbearable for me.

This was not an easy pregnancy and towards the end almost everyday I was experiencing something new or more difficulties with the symptoms I was already having.

It was such a mind game I wasn’t prepared for. You see I am a MAJOR planner, and the game began at our 36 week check up when I was surprised to find that I was already 70% effaced. It seemed everyone I spoke to said wow you could go early…so the planner in me started to prepare myself for that scenario.

At 37 weeks I was 75% effaced and already dilated 1 cm! People began to bet I would go at 38 weeks….so I got even more excited.

At 38 weeks I had no change. The doctor even stripped my membrane to help induce labor. It doesn’t always work but if it does you are expected to have the baby within 3 days. It was a very painful procedure, but I didn’t care. All I wanted was to be done and have my baby! Four days later no baby…I hit a standstill but was still hopeful that I would go before 40 weeks.

At 39 weeks I hit 2-3 cm and 80%- I thought for sure I would go at any point!!! That doctor tried to strip my membrane again just to see if it would work…this time it was even more painful and what do you know, it did not work.

At 40 weeks no change again!!! There I am, Mrs. planner, all ready for baby because of all these signs of being dilated and getting my membrane stripped, and then nothing….I was so emotional.

I had family and friends email, text and call daily wondering when she would be born. One day I had had it and did not answer my phone, not even for my dad. I called my mom sobbing, “I have NO clue when she is coming, I am going to be pregnant forever, I want people to stop asking!” (Waaaaaa poor me!)

I understand and appreciate all the caring friends and family I have. But to a 40 week pregnant woman- the calls/texts/emails were a constant reminder that I was still pregnant.

It has been so tough because I felt like I could see the light at the end of the tunnel each week, and NOW I do!

Now I smile instead of cry because tomorrow it all comes to an end and I finally get to meet this child inside me.

I kept myself busy all day and didn’t take a nap so I could hopefully get some sleep tonight. I will be surprised if I get two hours….I am so pumped. We have to be at the hospital tomorrow morning at 6:15 to start the induction! June 21st will be my baby’s birth date! I need to stop bogging and finish packing Mike’s bag, mine has been packed for weeks;)

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Sweet moments..

Now anyone who knows me knows that I am a lover all things music. Some of my biggest moments in my life thus far are matched with a song/artist/concert… ya di ya. I only hope that Lily has a love and passion for music like I do.

When I was a little girl I would carry around a little tape recorder with microphone and belt out Whitney tunes. I took it even farther adding dance moves and made my family sit and watch me for long periods of time as I performed my concerts. There is embarrassing video of this! I was obsessed with Whitney and Michael Jackson. On the back of my bedroom door I had a full length poster of MJ.

I have played music for Lily throughout the pregnancy and sing to her all the time. One song I sing often is “I’ll be there” by none other than the Jackson 5. The other song is Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t she lovely”. My mom found a cute wall plaque with some of the lyrics.

So here you go- enjoy two sweet songs that I sing to my sweet Lily often….

“I’ll be there”
“Isn’t She Lovely” cover by Kevin McHale from Glee
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    All of these articles have saved me a lot of hecsaahed.

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    No question this is the place to get this info, thanks y’all.

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    That’s way the bestest answer so far!

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    Deadlift felt really heavy today, Wendler DL – 5 reps at 317.5#1st position hang clean – 1 rep at 200#, and it felt really goodMetcon: started with 135 and it was just too heavy, 2nd round moved to 115. 10:30 something at 115 snatch. Even though the snatch was heavy, the step ups were the worst by far!

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"You Spin Me Right Round…"

Oh boys & girls did we have an interesting night last night!! Around 4:15 am I woke up to flip to my other side (happens countless times each night to get comfortable) and I felt dizzy. I was stunned at first thinking I must have just been in a deep sleep still.

While pregnant I have gotten light headed twice – last time it was at the doctors and I stood up to quickly. BUT when I shut my eyes I started to get the spins. I tried to move to a different position and I felt like I was moving in slow motion. I decided to try and get up and walk to the restroom. As I was walking I felt like a pinball bouncing off each wall barely making it to the toilet. I sat there for about 2 minutes but the room was spinning too fast that I knew I should not try to walk back to the bed. So I called to Mike. He jumped out of bed so quick thinking it was time! It took 3 attempts to stand up before we were successful. But I could barely hold myself up, each time I tried to move I was sent into a horrible spin.

We called the on-call doctor and she told me to lay down and just rest and that if I still had it in the morning they would have me come in to check my blood pressure. Thanks to Mike’s old pharmaceutical job we have a free blood pressure machine. The first time he took it I was low, so I sat up to retake it and I was okay.

I just laid back down and proceeded to cry- mostly because in my head I was freaked out, tired and thought something was wrong. After 2 hours of spinning I finally past out. I woke up 2 hours later and felt okay. I was just really weak. I can’t imagine people that have to battle vertigo often- it is horrible!!! My friend Megan has been dealing with this for 10 flipping weeks since the birth of her daughter, Piper. Docs told her it was due to dehydration…needless to say I will be drinking loads of water when Lily is born so I do not have to experience this again.

Tomorrow will mark 38 weeks, only 2 more left. Just wondering what other pregnancy woes I will encounter before birth.

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