"You Spin Me Right Round…"

Oh boys & girls did we have an interesting night last night!! Around 4:15 am I woke up to flip to my other side (happens countless times each night to get comfortable) and I felt dizzy. I was stunned at first thinking I must have just been in a deep sleep still.

While pregnant I have gotten light headed twice – last time it was at the doctors and I stood up to quickly. BUT when I shut my eyes I started to get the spins. I tried to move to a different position and I felt like I was moving in slow motion. I decided to try and get up and walk to the restroom. As I was walking I felt like a pinball bouncing off each wall barely making it to the toilet. I sat there for about 2 minutes but the room was spinning too fast that I knew I should not try to walk back to the bed. So I called to Mike. He jumped out of bed so quick thinking it was time! It took 3 attempts to stand up before we were successful. But I could barely hold myself up, each time I tried to move I was sent into a horrible spin.

We called the on-call doctor and she told me to lay down and just rest and that if I still had it in the morning they would have me come in to check my blood pressure. Thanks to Mike’s old pharmaceutical job we have a free blood pressure machine. The first time he took it I was low, so I sat up to retake it and I was okay.

I just laid back down and proceeded to cry- mostly because in my head I was freaked out, tired and thought something was wrong. After 2 hours of spinning I finally past out. I woke up 2 hours later and felt okay. I was just really weak. I can’t imagine people that have to battle vertigo often- it is horrible!!! My friend Megan has been dealing with this for 10 flipping weeks since the birth of her daughter, Piper. Docs told her it was due to dehydration…needless to say I will be drinking loads of water when Lily is born so I do not have to experience this again.

Tomorrow will mark 38 weeks, only 2 more left. Just wondering what other pregnancy woes I will encounter before birth.

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