soaking it up….

Where has the last 3 1/2 months gone? It is true that the time leading up to having a baby goes at a snails pace and as soon as you deliver the minutes fly by. I try to soak up every minute.

We recently went to Hilton Head to visit my Nana & Papa and as we were riding around in my Nana’s golf cart she gave me some great advice.

She told me not to wish away my baby’s life.

As soon as she said it I didn’t understand. I quickly skimmed over things I had done or said that may have provoked her to say this. My Nana explained that I shouldn’t wish for future milestones, as they will be here before you know it. Just soak up the time now because she will be grown before you know it. She would know raising seven kids!

I have caught myself since then saying, “Oh Lily I can’t wait until you can full wrap your hand around me and hug me!” After I said that I stopped and reminded myself of what my Nana had told me. So I just hugged her tight and was happy with where we are today. Today, when I hold Lily (btw no holding her like a baby any more! She must be held sitting up & out, so she can view the world!) she will hold one of her arms over my shoulders and wiggle her fingers around searching for something to grab. Sometimes she just grips my shirt or rubs my shoulder. Most of the time the princess snags a hold of my hair- OUCH! So I am soaking this up. One day she will hug me back….but at the moment I am content watching her little fingers squirm around learning the sensation of textures.

What else am I soaking up…the trip I told you about. My mom, Lily and I drove to visit my Grandma, Aunt, Uncle and cousins in Augusta, Georgia and then hiked it to Hilton Head to visit my Nana & Papa. I was so excited that Lily was meeting her great grandparents on both sides! I never got the chance to meet mine, and it was so special to give Lily and my grandparents that moment. I was so nervous about the long drive to Augusta- BUT Lily did awesome! Better than awesome! Of course she cried when she was hungry but other than that she had a grand ‘ole time hanging out with my mom, her Nana, in the back seat! It was just was a looooooooong trip for my mom and me.

Lily is still on a every flipping 2 hour feeding schedule- so by the time I pulled over, fed her, changed her, ran to the ladies room and started driving again we only got about an hour or so of driving before I had to pull over and start it all over again!!! We left the house at 10:30 am and reached GA at 8:15 pm! I learned my lesson, so we left after supper from Hilton Head and Lily slept the entire way home. I look forward to going back so I can capture some more memories for Lily, BUT we will be waiting until she can go longer in between feedings and will be driving at night!!

Lily and her Great Grandma Boykin

being silly with my Cousin, Will, in Georgia (Go Dawgs!)

fall leaves (we don't get this in Florida)

Lily with my fabulous Aunt Jane(dad's sister)

with her Great Papa Montgomery in Hilton Head (mom's dad)

With her Great Nana Montgomery (mom's mom)- I heart that stink face

My beautiful Aunt Carla drove down from Charlotte, NC

Four generations 🙂
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