To my better half…

This is LOOOONG overdue. I have expressed my deepest gratitude to my husband personally and I want to let all my friends and family know how the last year would not be possible if I did not have such a supportive partner in Mike.

For obvious reasons I would not be sitting here today looking over at the sweetest child swaying in her swing if it wasn’t for my “co-producer” Mike. From the day we found out I was pregnant Mike was ecstatic for our growing family!

From reading my past posts it is quite evident that I did not have the happiest experience being pregnant. Thanks to my husband and loving mother I do not know how I would have had the peace of mind to last the entire 9 + months and labor without them!


When we found out we were going to have a little girl I was a wee bit nervous, as I knew Mike wanted a boy so bad.  I knew that if he had a boy first it might be easier to get all the “baby firsts” out of the way until he juggled joining team pink. But it was somewhere during the sixth month that while driving Mike confessed he was actually happier to be a daddy to a girl….that day I fell in love with him even more.

I knew he would be that dad holding flowers for Lily as we watched her dance during a recital. That dad that would stand up to give a huge “Goooooo Lily” when she runs onto the stage for a cheer competition. The dad that would allow his daughter to put a dress and hat on him for a late afternoon tea party with her favorite stuffed toys.  That kinda dad. I had always known he would be that way…it was a main reason why I said, “I do.”

During my pregnancy he was wonderful. Do NOT get me wrong there were tons of moments in my high hormone rages that I wanted him to pack up and leave for a few days. It did take him a LONG time to figure out how to cope with a pregnant wife. There were some days I almost fell asleep at the dinner table and couldn’t listen to how his day went because I was so tired. There were weekends were I slept the ENTIRE time to catch up from work or prepare for work the next week.

Then there were those moments where every pregnant woman cries. Cries for any reason at all. Those were the toughest for Mike. Especially those huge crocodile tear fests. When I would get all Miss Diva Hormone. He had a hard time just sitting back and accepting that this “B!%@h “ attitude was something I could not control. I eventually went to Barnes & Noble and bought him a book. A funny book written to explain to men what us woman truly going through while we grow a human being inside our bodies! That booked saved us from so many future arguments. There were a few times were I would start to moan about a new pregnancy symptom and Mike would jump into the conversation telling me he understood what I was going through because he read it in the book! One.Of.The.Best.Purchases.Ever!

Besides the lack of knowledge on how to deal with a raging bull of a wife, Mike stepped up big time in all other avenues of being a supportive daddy-to-be (well minus back rubs- his consisted of a one finger dagger rub- very painful!). Basically during my entire pregnancy I had a horrible time preparing food. The smells made me want to curl up into a ball. Mike was my amazing in home chef. And by in home chef I do mean mac-n-cheese and pancakes….meals for champions! Also during my every hour bathroom trip during the middle of the night I would find myself dehydrated and often starving! Mike would get up, fill up my cup and bring me some oatmeal or cheerios.

I also had an extremely hard time during my pregnancy at how my body changed physically. No one can prepare you. And by the way, SCREW those MTV teens that pop out their babies and look normal by the next episode.  Sorry had to vent as I just saw a commercial on TV for that horrible show. When it came to what was changing physically, Mike was my rock. Between the acne, gas, grey hair (yes I got grey hair people!) stretch marks and apparent massive weight gain, Mike told me he loved me everyday.


Once Lily was born I discovered I really hit the jack pot when it came to husbands. I mean he truly goes out of his way to make sure he is there for both of us. I know it kills him to be on the road. So sometimes Mike will get up extra early to get on the road instead of leaving the night before so he can be there just for bath time rituals! Every morning he is home he helps me tremendously by taking Lily in the morning so I can take a shower (a luxury for mommies!).  He makes coffee every day….something I know we both need to combat the day, but still it is one less thing I have to do in the morning. These are just some of the many things Mike does….

photo cred: kimberly photography

So to my loving husband, I thank you. Thank you for being my better half, my rock. Thank you for loving me through the good and the bad times on the road to being parents. You have given me so much, but the most amazing gift you have ever given me is the gift of motherhood.  I love you so much muffin….


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