Another much deserved thank you

(My mom, brother and me)

I gave much deserved credit to my wonderful husband a view posts ago for being extremely supportive on the road to parenthood. There is another person who deserves a major shout out….my mom! From the first phone call after I saw the “yes” on the stick to the day I brought Lily home, my mom has been the biggest help. I can say with 100% that I would not have been able to stay sane through my pregnancy and stay somewhat sane up to this moment without her.

Living only a few minutes away she would pop over with warm homemade banana bread or other tasty treats while I was preggo. She was always down to meet me for lunch, like at BJ’s where I would moan over some of my top cravings -BBQ chicken salad or their tomato bisque soup or a mini Hawaiian pizza=> my mouth is watering now! Not only did she come over to feed my cravings, but she was always bringing Lily gifts. There were only a handful of times that my mom walked through our door without carrying an adorably wrapped gift!

Now I hated cooking while I was pregnant- and NO this was not a ploy to get Mike in the kitchen while I sat and watched! The thought of dealing with raw food made me gag! That is one of the main reasons why I ate out 90% of the time that Mike was out of town (and THE reason why I gained so much weight!).  One night while mike was out of town the power went out in the neighborhood. Of course eating an apple or a BB&J was not in the cards, and as I grabbed my keys it dawned on me that I couldn’t get my car out of the garage without power!! My wonderful mother came to my rescue and drove me to the closest McDonalds.

Those fries tasted AHmazing.

When I got home I started to light candles to give me a little light to wolf down my burger, when the smell of the scented wax made me get dizzy!  I called my mom and being the amazing woman she is, she drove back to pick me up so I could go back to her house and be in a non-yankee candle environment!

She did anything she could to make me comfortable during the pregnancy! The last few days she even sat next to my pool to keep me company as I floated on a raft moaning and teary eyed that I was STILL pregnant…any pregnant woman can attest that those last days drag on like no tomorrow!

My mom was there during the birth to help hold my feet and take the very first pictures of Lily. During my stay at the hospital she brought coke and jimmy johns sandwiches (major thumbs down to hospital food).  I got the best care while at the hospital because my mom had a secret weapon….Starbucks cake pops. She came with individually boxed cake pops (pink ones!!) and any nurse or staff that came to my room to help she would give them sweet treats. Anytime I needed anything the nurses were so eager to come and help me because my mom went out of her way to make sure the nurses knew they were appreciated!  I will remember this when it is my turn with Lily.  Today if I eat one of those cake pops I am flooded with memories of the first few days with Lily in the hospital.

When we got home from the hospital I was greeted with balloons, a cute pink wreath on the door, beautiful flowers in the kitchen and in my bathroom. Plus she had food and snacks to last us and company for a week….not including all the pre made freezer foods!  My parents even took our dog Bentley while we were in the hospital and for our first few days home so we could have some adjustment time. I think we are still adjusting! As a mom she has been a wealth of knowledge from learning to be calm when Lily cries to breastfeeding tips. She often tells me I am doing a good job and boosts my self-confidence as a first time mom.

She has been an amazing mother my whole life. Ever since I can remember she has showered my brother and me with so much love.  She was my very first friend, and remains the closest one I have.  I can only hope that when the time comes for Lily to be a mommy I can be the rock for Lily like my mom has been for me.

Thanks mom for the whole enchilada! Love you! xoxo

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