Cucumber & Hummus

My new go to easy peasy appetizer has only two ingredients, how awesome is that! All you need is a Cucumber and some hummus.To make it easier I buy premade Sabra Classic Hummus at my local grocery store.

To start peel your cucumber (I use two) and then slice to your desired size. Keep in mind that when you scoop out the center that the thicker the slice the less likely you will scoop all the way through causing the hummus to fall out the bottom. You can use a spoon to scoop out the center, but I like to use my melon baller. I keep the cute balled cucumber in a zip loc bag for Lily’s lunch or to flavor water for my guests!

This appetizer is one I always construct in advance so once the cucumber is prepped I go ahead and plate them on the dish I will use. I cover with plastic wrap and pop it in the fridge until ready! You do not want to put the hummus on the cucumbers until you are ready to serve even if you are placing it in the fridge.

To make this appetizer pretty I like to pipe my hummus onto the cucumber. I do not own a piping bag so I use a sandwich sized Ziploc bag. Scoop your hummus into the bag and then zeal it. Use scissors and clip a bottom corner off. Always start with clipping off a small piece and test it out. You can always clip off more, but if you clip too much your DIY piping bag will gush out too much hummus! Once you are finished you can toss the bag away…easiest clean up ever!

Hope you enjoy this easy peasy appetizer!


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