What do I get Mr. Impossible?

Fathers day is Sunday June 17th– what are YOU doing to show your dad or your baby’s daddy the love??

Jury is still out in our household on what to get Mike for his first father’s day. He is impossible to shop for. I love to give gifts when they are a surprise, yet he somehow always finds a way to spoil them.  Whomp Whomp!

When he knows what he is getting it is no fun for me! I completely understand that sometimes you need to know exactly what they want so you don’t mess up the wrong size, color, brand etc. Nonetheless, seeing that ecstatic expression on his face when he is gifted with something unexpected is one of my biggest pleasures.

So I humored myself a few days ago and asked him what he wanted. It was just like a scene from A Christmas Story where Ralphie rapidly shouts to Santa “I want an official red ryder carbine-action two hundred shot range model air rifle.” Mike looked at me with actual hope as he revealed that he wanted an autographed Muhammed Ali boxing glove. He started to laugh because he knew it was ridiculous and knew I already drew the line after the last sports memorabilia purchased. You got to draw a line somewhere or we will be on the next episode of hoarders. That was a little exaggerated! I was ready for something more like work socks, new ties, new swimming trunks, running shoes, or some new tech gadget. Anything else but autographed boxing gloves. As I type this we are both in hysterics reminiscing!

So what do I get Mr. Impossible??? These are all things I have already given Mike and hopefully it gives you ideas!

1. For Valentine’s day I went to Joann’s Fabric and purchased the large cardboard letters to spell out ‘dad’. I put Lily behind it on our bed and clicked away as she had a blast playing around with them. I took separate pictures with each letter and then put those in a tri fold picture frame for his desk. It was so cheap and a lot of fun to do! Bonus is that I have the letters to replicate this as she grows up.

2. Two years ago I gave him vintage sterling silver cufflinks with the map of Pittsburgh map. This would be cute for the city you were married or honeymooned in as an anniversary gift.

3. A change dish is a cute idea and the one pictured is from ReinVintBrooklyn on Etsy. I don’t have a picture of the one I gave mike, but I went to Color Me Mine, a painting studio, and created a small change dish in his alma mater colors with school name.

4. You can never go wrong giving your dad or husband something from his favorite sports team! I gave Mike these soft, clown-sized Steeler slippers that he keeps under his desk to keep his feet warm.

5. For Christmas I ordered a silver handprint dog tag that was customized with Lily’s actual handprint! On the other side we have Lily’s name and birth date engraved.  Mike never takes this necklace off! You can find this on Etsy by KLM Designs.

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  1. Mike Romano commented:
    May 31, 2012 Reply
    • Amy Romano commented:
      May 31, 2012 Reply

      Of course you would leave this as a comment honey….keep dreaming!

      • Emily Ley commented:
        June 8, 2012 Reply

        HAHAHAHAHAH!!! I love that he just posted this!

        • Amy Romano commented:
          June 8, 2012 Reply

          I’m sure Big B would do the same Em!

  2. Elizabeth commented:
    June 1, 2012 Reply

    I just found your blog through Emily Ley. It’s so cute! I made your recipe last night for the cucumber tomato salad. It was so yummy!!!!!

    • Amy Romano commented:
      June 1, 2012 Reply

      Thanks for the smile Elizabeth and I am so glad you enjoyed the dish- it is a favorite in my house!

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  4. July 15, 2016 Reply

    Great insight! That’s the answer we’ve been looking for.

  5. http://www./ commented:
    July 29, 2016 Reply

    Hi Rune.. I like the sound of how your country does Fathers Day… :O)I also like this old iron mooring and the colouring of rust… the smashed bottle could have been done by a drunken thug… but I like to think it as laid in that spot since the last ship was blessed, named and launched.. :O)

  6. August 9, 2016 Reply

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  7. http://www./ commented:
    September 9, 2016 Reply

    AAAAHHHH!!!! trop bien! J’y suis allée et je les ai trouvés géniaux! J’ai jamais autant dansé à un concert de punk (!) Et puis finir la soirée en pogotant sur du BoyzIIMen j’avoue que ça a un certain charme PS: elles sont sympas les photos

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