Making life easier: the iphone tip

Have you ever heard of the tip about making a speaker out of a glass cup? It is genius! I am often jamming out to Pandora while I am cleaning, folding clothes, or getting ready and this tip gives your phone a boost in volume! Place your iphone (I would imagine this would also work for other phones too!) in a glass cup while you play your music and enjoy the surround sound effect! You can use more than just a glass cup, try a ceramic bowl or anything that creates a base for the sound to bounce off of.

On walks I don’t wear my ipod buds for fear I won’t hear Lily scream if she gets upset.….I…uh…actually know this from experience- whoops! First time parent right here! I started to play Pandora on our walks to make it more enjoyable. So I placed my iphone in the stroller’s cup holder and viola- I had surround sound!!

So next time you are on a walk or find yourself in a hotel room with no docking station just remember this DIY surround sound tip!

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  1. Elizabeth commented:
    June 13, 2012 Reply

    I saw this on Pinterest too and it totally works. In fact, my daughter will now remind me to put it in a cup!

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