One to remember

My friends this was an amazing weekend for the Romanos!

Friday Lily turned one and we treated her to her first trip to the Tampa Zoo. We were a bit nervous about the weather as signs of tropical storm Debby started to appear. With only light grey clouds we decided to go for it and we lucked out with no rain….only thick humidity! So thick you could slice it with a knife! I could have cared less about the pools of sweat under my eyes, down my back, and under my bra because Lily had the time of her life. Mike and I witnessed a whole new Lily as she literally screamed in glee at every single animal exhibit! We got a whole lot of looks and laughs as people saw this child’s excitement.  I have a feeling I might need to purchase the family pass, as there will be many trips to the Tampa Zoo!

The birthday celebration continued Saturday at our house. It was a bunting themed party with tons of DIY projects that were an intense labor of ….love, sweat and tears. My cousin, Kim Romano, took amazing photos of the event and I will share them, along with all the sweet details that made Lily’s first birthday ONE to remember in a few days!

getting messy with the smash cake

Today Tropical Storm Debbie hit Tampa. Wind and rain are still pounding our home and we took full advantage of a rainy Sunday. It has been forever since we have been able to just chill as a family in our pajamas at home all day long. My ideal kind of weekend! Because of my crazy OCD, we cleaned the entire house last night after Lily went to bed. Some of the homemade buntings from her party are still hanging (due to the massive amount of time it took to make!). Our pool has turned into an infinity pool and her baby pool is overflowing as well. Going outside to make sure we were cleared of flooding, Mike decided to dance in the rain with Lily. These are the moments that I will remember and cherish. Those tiny hands reaching into the sky catching drops of rain. Her huge grin as Mike ran her in and out of the rain.

Entering this weekend, along with Tropical Storm Debbie, I was a bit of a downer. I was full of anxiety over my mile long to do list for the party and depressed that my baby was getting older. Then over the past few days I was reminded how blessed my little family is and how with each day Lily gets older we get to experience even more incredible sweet moments. Life. Is. Good GREAT.

Thumbs up mom!

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  1. Elizabeth commented:
    June 25, 2012 Reply

    Sounds like a great weekend! Happy Birthday, Lily!

  2. Diane commented:
    June 28, 2012 Reply

    Her little thumbs up at the end is precious! Glad you had a great weekend! Those little moments like dancing in the rain are so precious!
    And I didn’t know you live in Tampa – that’s where I was born and raised!

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