A spoon full of sugar….

My poor baby girl is having a rough time right now. Lily has been dealing with teething pain, an ear infection and things got even worse! Seeing some red blisters and a rash forming, I got nervous that she was allergic to her medicine and took her to the doctor again.

Turns out she has Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease on top of everything else. Her doctor says that it is running rampant all over Tampa and that she had seven cases last week alone. There is a 3-7 day incubation period so she could have infected in Tampa or while we were in Puerto Rico. So not knowing exactly where we are during this illness, Lily and I are staying inside for a few days.

The sores in her mouth are what bother her the most, so that calls for cold fruit and popsicles! To stay positive I soak up her constant need for hugs…it makes me melt. On healthy days my little tot wants to climb over ottomans, pull out my Tupperware, and dance to music. But over the last 48 hours she wants to stay in my arms and demands repeat readings of “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” while she rests her head on my arm or lap.

There were more smiles today, so I savor those happy moments while they last.

I leave you with some photos from Puerto Rico before all the trifecta crept in! On our last night there we dined at Il Mulino, a famous italian restaurant from New York. IT WAS AMAZING…and a good story. To make it short…Lily took a late and very long nap so we thought it was safe to assume that she bedtime would be later and we could enjoy a longer meal (I think the sun fried our brains- what were we thinking!!!??).  Lily had a field day screaming (a happy scream to get attention), tugging at the table cloth and flinging my scallops…yep she is not a fan of seafood! Dessert was doggy bagged and we had a family picnic on our hotel floor….which turned out to be a sweet little family moment. And the dessert was orange sorbet (served in a hollowed orange peel) that was one of the best I have ever had!!

I guess I read something funny


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