A Sweet Bunting Affair | part two

Between unpacking from a family vacation, preparing for Lily’s birthday, clean up from said party, preparing for a baby shower for a dear friend, having said party, attending another baby shower the next day, finally cleaning all the event dishes and jars, and dealing with Tropical Storm Debbie- I can say I have not had a day where I can just relax and play with Lily…and that is my plan for this Monday (along with cleaning dishes and doing laundry…boo)! Because of this chaotic schedule I have slacked on posting! Trying to rewind my brain and focus back on Lily’s birthday party to give ya’ll more details!

It was a bunting themed event, but what birthday party doesn’t have balloons?? At my local Target they carry Spritz party supplies and they are fabulous! I love the colors, patterns and COST! I picked up yellow, light and dark pink balloons at $1.50 a pack! To change it up a used pink baker’s twine instead of your average curing ribbon.

When I think of a first birthday party I instantly visualize the smash cake!  To save some bucks I made the cake from Pillsbury’s Moist Supreme in Strawberry (because smashing into a pink cake made me smile!).  Now here is my tip, do NOT use too much frosting! Lily was fixated on the frosting and the stickiness of it that I eventually had to push her hands into the cake to show her there was more fun inside! Another tip, take all the frosting out of the container and use a hand mixer to fluff it up, it gives you more frosting to spread! I used pink-stripped straws as the anchors for the bunting on top. Washi tape has become a new favorite of mine and I used that along with pink baker’s twine from the balloons to make the cake topper. The same tape was used to make the mini ones that adorned the cupcakes.

I had more than enough of my homemade bunting to decorate Lily’s high chair with…instead I decided to add yet another project to my plate by making the ribbon bunting that was attached! I found the materials at Michaels and used a hot glue gun to adhere them together.  To mount the ribbon to the high chair I used Velcro Sticky Back Squares found at Joann. I embellished the ribbon with glittered letters (also found at Michael’s).

The stamped wooden utensils were a great idea gone bad. Inspired by folks at Think Garnish with their adorable “Dig In” stamped forks, I thought it would be a super simple project to personalize for Lil’s party. WRONG! I purchased individual lettered stamps from The TomKat Studio and ink from Joann.  When I tested it out on a paper plate I wasn’t to thrilled with how the letters looked. The “L” looked like the number 1. Since they were individual stamps it was very difficult to get each letter next to the other evenly (a perfectionist’s worst nightmare). Still thinking I could do this, I ran to Joann to pick up some new letter stamps. The new ones were a little girlier (is that a word?), yet just as hard to line up evenly! The other issue I ran into was ink bleeding. If you pressed too hard the ink would bleed a bit, making the letter seem a bit blurry. From here on out I will spend the money to have wooden utensils already stamped than deal with the headache of attempting it myself!

Lily’s friends (even her soon-to-be gal pal, Makyla, in Auntie Alisha’s belly) went home with a sand bucket of fun. I picked up the yellow buckets in Target’s awesome dollar section. Seriously that section is such a time and money killer. I won’t even need anything, but I will still do a drive by just to check it out! Inside each bucket had a pack of washable sidewalk chalk, bottle of bubbles and a bag of cotton candy. The chalk and bubbles were purchased from Target and the cotton candy came from BJ’s Wholesale (Costo equivalent).  I had a small chalkboard from a baby shower I had hosted that I spray painted pink and then placed Martha Stewart pom poms around the edges (the same ones I used on the food table). To personalize the favors I used a Sharpie paint pen to write each child’s first initial on the front of the buckets. *Side note – I will never put Lily’s full name on a object she might take in public as it is easy for a stranger to gain children’s attention and acceptance if they know their name. *

Posts describing more of the projects from the party will come later this week, so stayed tuned! Below are links to the some of the vendors used!

And pictures used on this post were taken by Kimberly Photography.

Washi tape {In The Clear}
vintage stamps {Verde Studio and Treasure Fox}
Alphabet stamp set and pink baker’s twine {The TomKat Studio}
Colored paper straws and rock candy wooden skewers{Confetti Sunshine}
Wooden forks {Sofies Big Day}
Pink & orange sprinkles and yellow baking cups {The Bakers Confections}
Orange & pink & limoncello polka dot candy cups {Shop Sweet LuLu}




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