bud vases from baby food jars

Pinterest is a treasure chest full of awesome tips and yummy recipes. My girlfriends and I joke that the site is also a black hole sucking you in and before you know it two hours have passed!  Countless hours were spent researching ideas for Lily’s first birthday party on Pinterest. The paint dipped baby food jars blogged by Oh Happy Day were so easy and the cheapest project (ZERO cost!).

I started to collect all the empty baby food jars, cleaning them and doing my best to take the wrapper off. Once the stockpile hit 20 jars I began to remove the leftover glue from the wrapper. With paper towels and Goo Gone some of the tackiness was stripped off. A long strip of hard glue that was so stubborn that even a brillo pad wouldn’t work. I eventually used a knife and slowly scratched the glue off in one swipe. Once the jars were clean I made sure they were dry for the paint.

Oh Happy Day placed the paint in a bowl to roll the jar in. I tried making the jars super fancy like she did (almost a scalloped look), but just couldn’t manage holding the bowl at an angle and rolling the jar with the other hand (the easiest tasks always make me feel awkward!). So I decided to just dip the jar in the can! I let the jar drip off excess paint before placing it on wax paper to dry. Make sure you double up the wax paper, the paint moisture soaked through and left residue on my counters (easily wiped off, but saving ya’ll a step!). After a few jars I placed a wooden mixing spoon (to stir the paint) on top and dragged the jar over it to help wipe off excess paint.

After about two hours I slowly picked up each jar and put in on another clean area of wax paper. There was so much extra paint collecting at the bottom of the jars that I was worried if I let it dry like that when I flipped it over there would be lumps of dried paint jutting out. If I attempted to cut off those lumps it might peel some paint off the jar. I let the jars dry for another three hours and then flipped them upside down to let the bottom dry overnight. By this time the sides were dry enough not to drip down.

Cotton Candy by Benjamin Moore is the wall color in Lily’s nursery and I had plenty of it leftover. So already having the paint and baby food jars made this project FREE….that’s the way uh huh uh huh I like it! I also had leftover chalk paint from redoing a mirror in the kitchen and thought it would be a cute idea to write out Lily’s name, monogram or her new age on the jar. After the paint dried I wasn’t vibing the black chalk color mixed in with the other party décor.  There are countless objects that can be stored in baby food jars to help you stay organized. Rubber bands, safety pins, paperclips, extra buttons and nails fit perfectly in the pint size jars. Use your chalk to label the contents. If you were using a jar in a drawer, I suggest you paint the lid with chalk paint so at quick glance you would know what was inside.

My mother always taught me to have fresh flowers in the house when entertaining and having overnight guests. Flowers make me smile and having them by the bed or in the guest bath makes the home feel warm and welcoming. I adore bud vases and have several Crate & Barrel ones. I place these vases next to the guest bed with a small chalkboard I found at World Market to welcome guests. In addition to the storage possibilities, using the jars marked with your visitor’s name is a sweet gesture!

So start keeping all those jars you probably toss and reuse them!

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  1. sam commented:
    July 8, 2012 Reply

    Love this…especially the ones welcoming out-of-towners!

  2. Melody commented:
    July 8, 2012 Reply

    Such a cute idea! I love this! The jars look so neat and quaint sitting on the nightstand! I’ll have to keep this one in mind! Great job!

    • Amy Romano commented:
      July 9, 2012 Reply

      Thanks Melody! And btw your dog is precious and I LOVE the name!

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  1. […] I made the picture bunting that I strung on the window and fireplace, painted the “P’s” that were placed around the house, and “put together” many other items such as the “Keep Calm” picture frames. The biggest project was the hair bows that we gave the little girls for party favors. My mom made them and I think it took her an entire day to make seven of them, but they were perfect!  My husband painted the lanterns that hung outside, which were originally purchased for our reception, as well as the pink baby food jars that we used as vases (an idea I stole from you!).  The favors for the boys were sippy cups and regular cups that I ordered through I Have A Favor on Etsy, and the paper straws were from Cupcake Social on Etsy as well. {see my post about the baby food bud vases here} […]

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