Hello my name is Amy and I’m a compulsive list maker…

Hello my name is Amy and I’m a compulsive list maker. Above is a glimpse at my chaotic pile of lists. Please excuse my lack at pretty penmanship and/or spelling errors. Making lists is my forte. I have it down to a science.  A skill that only I understand because to others my messy stack of lists might lead to the conclusion that I am disorganized and never accomplish a single task. But I do! And crossing off tasks is invigorating, even if only one is scratched off.

Knowing the world will keep turning if I don’t complete a list was a hard lesson to learn. As many moms can attest, those first days, weeks, and even months are a blur and it is difficult to find time to even take a shower! When I became stressed over not being able to get anything accomplished I quickly adapted to a new attitude.

If I can get one thing done, it was a success. If I could start one project, it was a success.

Spending my time being frazzled about lists is a waste of time. Precious time I could be spending laughing and enjoying my family. So hopefully the following words help all those people out there that are passionate about making lists but are plagued with anxiety over them.

  • Know that you will ALWAYS have a list to complete. A to do list is never ending. You might complete one on Monday, but by Wednesday new errands reveal themselves. So get comfortable with the fact that there will always be something that needs to be done.
  • Don’t be afraid to compile everything! A massive list can be intimidating. Then again I would rather know everything that needs to be done so I can spend my precious time wisely. I have a massive list typed up and taped to the inside of the kitchen closet. At the top of the page in bold it reads “THE LIST” (naturally!). I use this master list to create my daily or weekly to dos. At the end of the day or week I scratch off those completed (BEST FEELING EVER!).
  • Think small. Start with just one task. Crossing off one is better than none at all. I would make a daily list of four errands and if I only did one, I was okay with it. Crossing one out of four brought more satisfaction than crossing only one task of thirty! When you start small you develop confidence and that daunting list starts to become doable!
  • Be reasonable. Cleaning out your closet is a huge task in of itself. Now adding a trip to the grocery store, and the three loads of laundry can hinder you from crossing ‘clean closet’ off your list. I have done this. The end result is that I halfheartedly do something and eventually have to redo it!.
  • Keep it neat! This might just be my OCD talking but I like using specific notepads made for creating lists. My close friend, Emily Ley, knows what I’m talking about! She too is a list maker and created some fabulous notepads devoted to helping you cross off tasks while keeping it neat and pretty! I love that my tasks will be numbered, individually boxed, and in a shade of pink! Her lovely notepads are featured in the first picture (again please ignore my third grade handwriting!). I got a sneak peak of her online store opening this week and I want to purchase everything!!

{Photo cred: K & K Photography}

{photo cred: K & K Photography}

  • Keep it in one place. Having post it notes on your mirror and in your car is messy and drives me crazy! Having your to do list in one area of the house is simple, keeps you organized, prevents you from forgetting a task on your various Post-Its, and helps alleviate stress.
  • Give yourself a day (or two!) off. You heard me! Sometimes I might scribble down some errands on my cute Emily Ley notepads and leave them for the next day. Life is too short to worry about the dry cleaning, pulling weeds, changing the sheets on the guest bed, and washing the car. So refer back to number one…there will always be something to do. BUT do you need to pull the weeds today? Taking Lily outside to blow some bubbles in the air sounds better to me! Because I am comfortable with the notion that there will always be errands, I give myself breaks from my massive to do list. Taking a breather while enjoying my day is refreshing and gives me that extra oomph the next day to tackle those three loads of laundry.

Check out this picture below. I was embarrassed when I got the sweet pictures back from Kimberly Photography and noticed that I forgot to take down my to do lists for Lily’s birthday party! Whoopsie!

Stay tuned this week as we have our first giveaway, compliments of Emily Ley!

{photo cred: K & K Photography}

{photo cred: K & K Photography}

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