Popsicles and Tears

Boy this week has been a jumble of crazy, sweet, sad, painful and blissful moments. Our backyard construction has been a bit of a headache, yet very amusing for Lily to watch. I’ll take the annoying glitches while Lily gets so much joy from watching the men work! She has pulled all her toys near the door so she can hold cookie monster, but keep a watchful eye that the pavers were installed correctly!

On top of the chaos Lily has been dealing with the horrible pain of teething. Poor child only has four teeth at 13 months; so it was predictable that the rest of her teeth would al make an appearance at the same time! So to numb both our headaches today I turned to sugar free popsicles and sweet cherries!

I have given her Otter Pops before so this wasn’t something new, just cold ice served up on a stick and in a new flavor! Sweet girl was even crying while swooshing the cold treat in her mouth. She would pause, smile as it desensitized the swollen gums and then proceed to tear up again. My heart was in pieces.

Earlier this week to help keep her mind off the pain I let her go wild with some yogurt. Sometimes you gotta just let your kids go crazy! At first she was a little confused on what to do with the yogurt as she poked at it a few times…then she went wild….

Amidst the crazy week I want to thank all the family, friends and even new readers for your calls, texts, and emails with sweet words! I am grateful and thankful for the amazing reception Lily & Bliss has had! I LOVE YOU ALL! So I leave you with a couple of pictures of the our sweet cherry & popsicle moment today and our yogurt mess from earlier this week!

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