Tip Tuesday: Another Use For Dental Floss

I am rolling out something new for the blog, Tip Tuesday. The Internet is a pretty amazing device where we can discover up-to-the-minute fads, fresh ideas for decorating and further our cooking competence with pointers from experts.

I do not consider myself an expert in any field whatsoever! I do believe that over the years I have learned helpful tips and believe that sharing is caring! So every week I will try to post a tip that I have picked up! Learning anything that will make life easier is a positive, so if you have advice please share!

Today’s tip- dental floss cuts more than just plaque! I use it to shave off edges or layers of cake! When I made Lily’s smash cake for her birthday I used floss to trim the layers. There are professional cutters to make the layers even, but I consider that a waste of money since I do not make cakes that often.  All you need to do is pull out a piece of floss that is longer than the cake so you can hold onto it on either side. Place the middle of the floss at the height you want and slowly start to pull both ends of the floss towards you. You can pull it forward or back and forth in a saw like motion. After you pull it through and take the access layer off, take a knife and cut away pieces to make it leveled if needed.

(sorry for my horrible picture!) Viola! A cheap (you should have floss at home) and easy way to cut your cake! And any picture of a kid smashing into a mound of sugar for the first time can give me the biggest laugh, so here are some of Lily!

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