Tip Tuesday: Choosing A Paint Color

Deciding on a paint color is tough

Mike and I are having a difficult time settling on colors for our master bedroom and bath. We recently moved our furniture around to give the room a fresh look and I realized that it was the wall color that needed to be changed. Besides Lily’s pink bedroom, the rest of our walls are painted in warm earth tones. I want to lighten up the bedroom with a shade of light gray and blue for the bathroom to tie in our Pottery Barn Malika rug.

Today’s tip will give you two ways to reduce the stress of choosing paint colors! After researching for awhile online, I wrote down a few color options and headed to the store to pick up samples. I was able to cut down my choices, as the swatch colors were much different in person then online.

Tip number one: Cut the swatches to only have the color you want in front of you. Most swatches have three to four color options. Trying to concentrate on only the specific color you want while surrounded by others that are so similar is confusing!

Tip number two: Paint the options on more than one wall in the room. As light filters into the room during the day, the color can change depending on where the light hits. You might be fond of a color you tried behind your bed, but might see different hints of colors you don’t like when you view it in an area with more or less light.

We were able to quickly decide on a color for the bathroom, but still puzzled on what to do for our bedroom. Option one is Stonington Gray and option two is Revere Pewter (both from Benjamin Moore). Stonington Gray has an icy feel to it with a bluish tint. Revere Pewter is darker than it’s competition and feels warmer. Because we did a sample behind our bed and closer to natural light we were able to pick up on shades of blue and didn’t like the icy feel. We are leaning towards Revere Pewter, but I think I need to check out more options to be confident with the decision.

In the end using these two tips can help narrow down paint choices and hopefully reduce color confusion! Does anyone have a favorite shade of gray??

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