Tip Tuesday: expiration stickers

Don’t you hate it when you get an item out of the pantry for a recipe and it’s expired?? Ooooh that really burns my biscuits!  Majority of the time I make sure I have all the ingredients needed and that they aren’t expired. But life happens and sometimes I forget to check the pantry for approaching expiration dates. For this Tip Tuesday I’ll show you how inexpensive dot stickers will prevent you from getting into that annoying situation!

My pantry was already in desperate need of some TLC, so I started to go through each food item and check their dates. Using dot stickers that I purchased from Target for $1.92, I mark any items that are going to expire. With a Sharpie I tag the sticker with the date of expiration (typically I give myself a three month warning). Reminded by the stickers, you can plan out meals with items that are about to go bad so you can avoid being aggravated by wasted food.

I enjoy cooking but rarely do I bake. I store my flour in Tupperware and before I toss the bag I place a sticker on the lid with the expiration date (even if it’s past the 3 month warning- if you toss the bag you won’t remember when it goes bad!). It has been awhile since I have made my own bread and while cleaning out the pantry my sticker alerted me that I was a YEAR expired! I told you it’s been a long time!

Don’t want to run to the store for the stickers??? That’s fine; you can use anything you might already have on hand like masking tape or tiny post its! So go get to it…you know you probably should clean out your pantry anyways and I am sure some expired items are lurking!

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