Tip Tuesday: Tracking Medication

My poor little girl had her first horrible fever on the flight home from Puerto Rico. She has had small fevers but they have quickly passed and were never over 100. Sunday morning she awoke with a 101.3 fever and after giving her Tylenol we headed for breakfast. I chalked it up to teething and didn’t think much about it as she was still smiling and having a ball flirting with the servers…everything changed a few hours later while on the plane back home.

As she was sleeping on my chest (ah I miss those days!) I could feel her body temperature rise through her pajamas. She would wake up and look up at Mike and me with flushed cheeks and fall back on my chest. She took a few sips of water but didn’t want her lunch. She would fall in and out of small cat naps. She became lethargic and I was freaking out inside. Not being able to get a rectal reading on the thermometer we took it via her armpit and she was at 102.5 (she was not happy and it was so hard to do this!). We tried a cold compress and she ripped the towel off. All we could do is hold her and keep taking her temp. It is unbearable to watch your child fight a sickness and there is nothing you can do. Up until this point I have never really felt needed by Lily. Of course she needed my milk, diaper changes, food and baths….but all she wanted was me. Mike tried to hold her, but tears fell down her cheek and she reached back out for me. As she laid on my chest and rubbed her fingers on my arm it was the first time I felt that Lily knew she needed her mommy.

Towards the end of the flight she started to come around and became a little more playful, which was relieving. As soon as we got of the plane I made a bee line for the bathroom to get a rectal read. I was shocked as it read 103.3 because she didn’t feel as hot, her cheeks were no longer flushed, she was not lethargic and was making her usual noises. I knew then that on the plane her temperature had to be much higher than we thought. We called the on call doctor and took Lily to an urgent care that specializes with children care. Forty-five minutes and two prescriptions later we were on our way home with an ear infection diagnosis.

So today’s tip came to me last night as I placed her medication (Amoxicillin) in the fridge. Remembering this pin I took a sharpie and wrote on a white label sticker the numbers 1 to 10 (she has to take this every 12 hours for 10 days). I then had two columns for am & pm for when I give her each dose. Each day I give her the medicine I will place a check mark in the appropriate spot making it easy for Mike and me to remember what day/dose we are on. Now on her medication bottle there were printed labels all the way around. I wanted to keep the important prescription information and that is why I opted to just stick a sticker on there rather than try and find space on the bottle like the pin showed.

Whenever I would get sick I would always use a Post-it or blank paper and keep track of my dosing. By keeping track on the actual bottle you don’t have to worry about losing the instruction papers. To keep it easy I leave a sharpie next to the plastic syringe so I can mark the bottle after I measure out the medication.

This is the first time we have had to put Lily on any kind of meds so I set up a little nurse station (pic below) next to the fridge where her medication has to be stored. Here is a breakdown:

1. Ear drops (only for pain).
2. Cotton balls to help with the ear drops.
3. Syringes for Amoxicillin and Motrin. I have these placed in a small dish to keep them clean.
4. Thermometer. I took a Sharpie and labeled it with an “R” to stand for the “rectal thermometer”, you don’t want to stick that one in your mouth!!
5. Infants Motrin (I used CVS brand, same ingredients but cheaper).
6. Sharpie for tracking medication and under that are printed information sheets for both meds from the pharmacy (kept these for side effect info).
7. Dosing breakdown from urgent care. They gave us a print out for correct dosing for your child’s wieght for Tylenol and Motrin. This was awesome and something I will keep!

So I hope you do not need to use this tip anytime soon and fingers crossed that my little Lily recovers from this icky thing!

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