Cork Board Makeover

Is there an end to the laundry? Seriously! I am in that room more than five times a day washing something, and that doesn’t include walking through the room to get to the garage. I have more décor on my walls in the guest room, which lately has been a storage area (I mean it’s so bad I could be a candidate for TLC’s Hoarders show). Since I spend plenty of time doing laundry and it’s the first room we enter from the garage I wanted to spruce up the walls

Before the wall held a hook for our Steelers’ Terrible Towels (yellow for Mike and pink for me!), and a corkboard with a few photos and important notes. To give the corkboard a makeover with little to no cost I thought of spray-painting it with a color I already have. BUT I am currently in the process of making a headboard for my bed and thought it would be fun to cover the corkboard too. I already had burlap and ran to Joann to purchase brass nails.

To start I ironed the burlap to get the creases out the best I could. Laying the corkboard on top of the material I cut the excess fabric by eyeing it. I made sure that there was enough fabric to be pulled around the edges to be stapled. Once cute I turned the corkboard and burlap over and started to push the brass nails one by one along the edge created a boarder. It is important that you keep the material tight as you go so you the fabric doesn’t wrinkle. Flip the board over once you are done and start to pull the excess fabric and use a staple gun to secure it. Keep tugging and applying the staples around the board, making sure you fold it neatly for the edges! I made sure that I cut away more of the fabric at the top so the wall hook could latch on securely.

The brass nails I used were the 7/16” size by Dritz Home found at Joann for $1.99 for 24 nails. After making another trip to get more I ended up using 5 packages and about 6 nails from a sixth one. The leftovers will be used to pin pictures, notes or adorable birthday invitations like the one shown (created by Emily Ley for sweet Beckett, son to Mckay of Oatmeal Lace Design). I know that the nails are not in perfect lines BUT I am pretty happy with the results! Knowing my OCD I will probable re-pin it this weekend!!

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  1. Britt commented:
    August 20, 2012 Reply

    This looks like a fun project!

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