DIY Peanut Butter

Yes folks, you read that correctly. You can make your own peanut butter and the best part…you only need peanuts (well and a food processor)!!

No added oil. No added sugar.

This was the easiest thing that I have ever made (besides pouring milk in my cereal). Like most things, I found this clever idea through Pinterest. Check out Averie’s post and other great recipes on the Love Veggies and Yoga blog!

I’m a wee bit jealous because Averie uses Trader Joe’s Honey Roasted Peanuts and sadly Tampa lacks this phenomenal market. Using my local grocery store’s own brand of peanuts is testament to how good this homemade peanut butter really is.

All you have to do is put a bag of peanuts into your food processor for five minutes. I told you it was easy! Mike was doubtful so we sat as a family around the Cuisinart and watched the magic. Over the span of five minutes the peanuts break down and then mold into the butter using it’s own natural oils.

If you are a fan of almond butter and a more natural peanut butter you are going to LOVE this. It was kind of hard to stop scooping up spoon after spoon of this stuff. Even Lily would scream when I attempted to put the spoon in the sink. She wanted as much as she could get and I don’t blame her!

I double dog dare you to drizzle some honey over it. You will be hooked!



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  1. August 9, 2012 Reply

    glad my post helped you start making your own!

    • Amy Romano commented:
      August 10, 2012 Reply

      Averie it is SO delish! I don’t think I can ever go back to buying Jiff ever again!

  2. Elizabeth commented:
    August 10, 2012 Reply

    Love this!!! Who would’ve thought it would be so easy?!

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    […] Like most amazing DIY projects, home decor and recipes I found this one off Pinterest. It hails from a blog called Chase and Em. I made a few changes and used egg whites instead (well I was actually out of eggs and used what I had!). I’m a big fan of Crock Pots because you dump your ingredients and the machine does the cooking for you. I have the same love for food processors too. More powerful and larger than a blender, a food processors make cooking easy. Shredding, blending, pureeing, mincing, slicing and chopping. Pop a can of peanuts in your food processor and blend for 5 minutes and you have your very own peanut butter (read more about that here). […]

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