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On my parents book shelf nestled behind family pictures rests two precious items. My younger brother and I both had the same first grade teacher, Mrs. Harris. She had a yearly art project where kids took home a plaster cast of their hand.

Perched on that shelf are molds of our tiny fists.

My hand completely swallows that miniature replica now.

Prior to Lily’s first birthday my mom gave me the Child to Cherish Tower of Time gift set. The set included five kits with instructions and materials to capture your child’s handprint for the first five years. Mike and I were so excited to make Lily’s keepsake. We read the instructions more than once to make sure we did it correctly. We knew that it would be difficult to keep her hand still, but we didn’t anticipate she would shove her fingers all the way to the bottom. We smoothed out the mixture and waited believing that if it firmed up a bit we would be successful. Negative. After only four minutes it was rock hard! We dripped water on it attempting to get the mixture to take another mold, but we totally failed. Next year I think she will understand and follow our instructions.

Still wanting a mold of her hand, I went to Joann and picked up Handprint Keepsake Party Pack molding kit that comes with ten molds. This set comes with a white clay that you push into a plastic tray provided. Again we ran into the problem where Lily wanted to dig her fingertips farther into the strange substance. The great option with this kit was that you could smooth out the clay and tray again! The next time I will use wax paper to push the clay into the tray because my fingerprints also imprinted on the clay. There are alphabet and numbered stamps that you could push into the clay to personalize it. We left it on the counter to air dry, per the instructions, and in the morning we couldn’t pop the mold out of the tray. Failed again. We put more than enough oil coating on the tray, but Lily’s handprint was super glued to that tray.

My mom suggested we do it while she is sleeping which would work for this kit. The first one would be entirely too messy to attempt! At least we have nine more molds! This retailed for $29.99 and with a coupon it came out to $17.99, making each handprint only around 2 bucks. That’s a steal for something that you will keep forever…well at least the ones that turn out!

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  1. Jen commented:
    August 13, 2012 Reply

    What a great idea! I’m going to try it with Jayden!

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