Nautical Treasures

I am a Pottery Barn enthusiast and mixed with their cozy, rustic and traditional décor are nautical touches throughout my home. Even if we move to a state that no longer meets the ocean, a bit of coastal living will always be present. So enjoy these nautical treasures!

1. World Market 2. Word Market 3. World Market 4. World Market 5. World Market 6. Ballard Designs 7. Plastic Land 8. At West End 9. One Kings Lane (no longer available) 10. Pottery Barn

1. Pottery Barn 2. Pottery Barn 3. Pottery Barn 4. Crate and Barrel 5. Pea Cock Taco 6. One Kings Lane 7. No. Four Eleven 8. Seaside Inspired 9. Seaside Inspired

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  1. Jody commented:
    July 18, 2016 Reply

    At last! Someone with real exepstire gives us the answer. Thanks!

  2. July 20, 2016 Reply

    kalau aku la minah tu yg aku dapat…aku akan touch n go la…mmg aku x bg muka dah….blum kawen lagi klu dah kawen msti dia leh main ngn laki lain la…aku berani potong jari… :ppompun xde harga…kat muka dia dah tertulis RM…RM….$$$$$$

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