Practical or Pricey: Throw Blanket

Friends today I bring you a great find!

I have been searching for a comfy cable knit throw for some time and just haven’t been able to find a inexpensive one that doesn’t look cheap! Macy’s Ralph Lauren option is $100.00 and Pottery Barn’s throw (featured above) is $79.00. We usually purchase micro-plush fleece blankets around $15-$30 that are found at a variety of stores, but after a few washes they start to ball up.

About to purchase the Pottery Barn blanket when in the mail arrived Ikea’s new catalog where I found the Ursula throw for a more practical price of $29.99! Wondering about the quality I took a trip on Monday and left the store with that comfy cable knit throw I have been searching for! I choose the beige one over the bleached color for the obvious kid & dirt factor. A major plus is that I can wash this blanket (fyi you can also wash the Pottery Barn throw too).

Aahhh….currently I am wrapped up in my new blanket and it feels like I have a big oversized sweater on…heaven! My house is a Pottery Barn catalog so it was AWESOME to find a bargain copy cat version of their blanket! Let it be known that I purchase pricey items, especially on things that will last a long time, but now that I have a kid finding a cheaper blanket that will get drooled on or soaked in milk is just more practical!

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