Tip Tuesday: FREE Gift When You Go Green

Don’t cha hate it when your pressed powder crumbles? Not only do I have to run to the store for a replacer, but usually my bronzer ends up all over my blue bath rug or my pants. Well instead of tossing your empty or broken plastic MAC products…KEEP THEM!

Back To MAC is a fabulous program where you can score a free lipstick and help the environment at the same time! When you have six MAC containers take them to your local MAC counter, store or online to pick a lipstick of your choice. How awesome is that. For more details on this sweet program look here!

If you do not use MAC products but are into helping mother earth then head over to Origins cosmetic and skin care stores. They have designated drop offs for any and all brand containers. To express their thanks, Origins will give you a sample product of their choice!

So start saving those empty product bottles and start receiving something for FREE while you go green!

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