Tip Tuesday: Give Yourself A Spa Experience

I enjoy a nice relaxing bath when I get {find} the time and today’s tip gives you a luxurious bath without spending a penny (unless you don’t have a lemon or orange).

Tip: Toss in some citrus peels, like lemons or oranges, while you’re running the bath. The hot water will release the citrus scent giving you a spa like experience! Sometimes I even take each peel and roll them in my fingers under the running water to release more of the scent. Make sure you keep the leftover naked fruit in a zip lock for future use. After your bath throw your peels in the garbage disposal to give that nasty thing a better scent too!

For added comfort roll up a hand towel and place it behind your neck. I enjoy having some ice cold water to sip on and a cold wash cloth covering my upper face. Turn your lights down low, light some candles and play some calming tunes on your ipod or Pandora. Make sure you remember to place your towel nearby. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been too excited for my spa experience and in the end I have to tip toe wet across my floor to get it!

The only thing left to do is try and relax!

If you have any citrus in the fridge, take a moment for yourself (you deserve it!) and have a lovely scented bath.

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  1. Diane commented:
    August 28, 2012 Reply

    I love lemon scent and this sounds divine! And I always throw the lemon peels in the garbage disposal – such an easy way to improve that smell.

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