Tip Tuesday: Keeping Your Fingernails Clean

This past weekend I took grimy hands to another level! I scrubbed down our filthy grill and my hands took a beating, especially my nails. I should have worn gloves, but I was in the zone folks. I am very proud of my sparkling grill (it doesn’t really sparkle, it was probably just a glare from the sun!), but was repulsed when I saw the black vile crammed under my fingernails. Dirty fingers give me goose bumps. Dirty nails bother me so much I actually broke things off with a guy in college because I couldn’t stand his lack of hygiene! I understand if you get dirty, that’s life. BUT when you constantly have fifth under those nails that will eventually touch your mouth or even me….YUCK, that is cringe worthy!

Today’s tip is one I picked up cleaning out my nasty nails. Many of you might not know what those objects are in the picture. Those are bottle cleaners from Dr. Browns. Even though Lily doesn’t drink out of bottles anymore, I kept these small wire brushes to clean the tubes in her sippy cups. I usually have an old toothbrush that I keep in the guest bath to scrub my nails or polish my ring, but of course when I needed it the most it was M.I.A. So I used the Dr. Brown bottle cleaner brush that was sitting by the sink and viola! Dirt be gone! These brushes were $6.99 so it feels great to get more use out of these expensive bottle accessories.

Don’t have kids or have this particular bottle cleaner…you can clean your nails with a toothbrush (hopefully you have an extra!), toothpick, knife or just scratch your nails down a bar of soap!

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