Tip Tuesday: Traveling With Liquids

Today’s tip is something I always do whether traveling with a suitcase or a duffle bag! There is nothing worse than getting to your destination and your clothes are spoiled from liquids. This has happened to me a few times and it’s awful! So I bring you two tips in one!!

Tip one: To keep your shampoo, conditioner, lotion and other products from leaking out use a small piece of plastic wrap. Unscrew the cap on your product and place the plastic wrap over the opening and then screw the cap back over. I always place my products in a Ziploc bag just to dot my I’s and cross my T’s! Make sure you keep all the pieces of plastic wrap to use for your trip back home.

Tip two: A majority of perfume bottles come in glass containers that can easily break during transit. To make sure my fragrance doesn’t shatter I place it in a Ziploc bag and then hide it in the middle layers of my clothes. When the baggage handlers “lightly” toss my bag into the plane’s cargo the clothes will act like a cushion!


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