A Meltdown In Pottery Barn

It seems that the terrible twos are coming seven months too early.

I understand that being sick is frustrating. Not being able to communicate what “Boo dada da tha ee” can probably be frustrating as well. But for all the reasons why, Lily’s meltdowns still blow.

For those moms that have been there…you know those times when your kid throws their body to the floor screaming, flailing their arms back and forth, maybe wildly kicking a leg or two and when you try and pick them up your kid goes limp making it difficult to pick them up? Lately these meltdowns have been a common occurrence in our household.

I tell myself that it is just a phase. I tell myself that it will be over shortly. But when you are experiencing these toddler tantrums it doesn’t feel like a phase. It feels like your kid is possessed. It feels like this tantrum is far worse than the previous one.

Oh and when it happens in public….doesn’t it feel like the AC goes out and Ashton Kutcher is about to punk you? And what about when you get the crazy eye from someone who doesn’t understand why you can’t control your child. Let’s be honest, those people probably don’t have children. And if they were parents then they spawned Stepford children. Or I pity their kids because they probably sit around a table on a Friday night engaging in a flash card game of the periodic table of elements.

Lily had a little meltdown in Pottery Barn as I was shopping for drapes. She went from 0 to zombie by the time I made it to the back of the store. Graham crackers where beinging flung all over. She hurled her sippy cup and it rolled under the drapes (which was a lot of fun to crawl and get). And then came the spitting bubbles. This is her new thing. When she gets so heated she starts to blow spit through her lips creating bubbles of saliva down her chin and neck. She really starts to resemble a zombie.

As I started to pick up the broken crackers I couldn’t help but notice the woman standing no more than 100 feet from me with her mouth wide open. She started to shake her head and that’s when I just turned away and proceeded to walk to the front to make my purchase.

As I was waiting for the drapes to come from the back the woman walked up to buy something, but stopped to keep her distance from an obvious child that would give her rabies if it was unleashed. I was floored. Annoyed. And then I heard “Oh goodness…I remember those days.” Two women had walked in the front door and gave me that sympathetic eye only another parent could give. As they walked by one sweetly patted my arm and whispered, “Just know it’s just a phase my dear…she still looks adorable when she’s mad!”

On cue the crazed zombie stopped kicking her legs and flashed a smile.

A HUGE THANK YOU to those two women. I don’t know why I let that woman get under my skin so much.  I think it’s because I have never had someone so blatantly reveal dislike for Lily, me or my parenting.

So whether the terrible twos are making an early appearance or Lily was just having a moment yesterday, I know that I will have more of these meltdowns in the future. And you know what, screw anyone who gives me the stink eye.

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  1. Elizabeth commented:
    September 26, 2012 Reply

    Oh girl, I feel ya. I’ll never forget the first public meltdown Ella had. It was at her cousins soccer game. She was not happy that she couldn’t go on the field to play soccer with the other kids. The meltdown was bad…..I felt like everybody was looking at me as I carried her over my shoulder kicking and screaming. I never said a word the whole time we walked. I wrangled her in the vehicle, buckled her in and just sat in the front seat and cried along with her. It was exhausting. I was literally sweating from anxiety and from trying to carry a very strong willed little girl across the fields. Ten minutes later she was sound asleep. I blame that on being overtired. We both needed a nap after that episode! LOL. My cousin made me feel better by saying “everybody on that field has been there. You’re not alone.” Yet doesn’t it feel like that when it’s happening though? Hang in there, momma!

    • Amy Romano commented:
      September 26, 2012 Reply

      Thanks Elizabeth! I think what you did is smart and I too try to keep my cool…which might lead some people to believe that I don’t care. I’m a BIG believer that your child’s inner voice is created on how you treat them. Lil’ is only 15 months so I’m 100% positive more meltdowns are in my future!

  2. Elvira commented:
    November 6, 2012 Reply

    I found your blog when I googled how I to start clean eating. I read this post and I have to say I felt relief and a small smile appeared on face. I have gone through those “tantrums” with my son and I have gotten the stink eye. I feel alone at times and it is so nice when another person comes up to you and says its ok! You are not alone and my son is very tall for his age, so I get really awful looks. Most people assume he is 4 years old and he turned 2 this month. Thanks for posting this! Look forward to browsing more of your blog 🙂

    • Amy Romano commented:
      November 6, 2012 Reply

      Lily is very tall for her age too…and you know I never thought to equate that to the mean glares!! Glad you found the blog 🙂

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