In Remembrance

Eleven years later and this day still makes me go numb.

Roosevelt described the attack on Pearl Harbor as “a date which will live in infamy” and sixty years later September 11, 2001 was added as another date that will never be forgotten.

For any American that was old enough to understand the events of that day can recall exactly where they where and what they were doing when they heard the news. I was away at school when I received an early call from my worried mom. I remember she nervously told me the news and I fumbled for my remote control to see for myself what my mom was talking about. I was speechless as I watched the plumes of smoke funnel from one of the historic towers. I hung up and ran to wake up my roommate, Alisha. We had a class before lunch so this 7 am wakeup (Arizona time) for a college student was alarming. We sat in front of the tv in silence. A few times I recall us softly whispering “Oh God,” and “All those poor people”.

And then out of the corner of the screen I saw another plane come into focus and crash into the other tower. Usually you watch replays of tragedies after they take place so you’ve already had time to digest the horrible event before seeing the video. Watching the plane crash as it happened is really indescribable.

And then the towers fell.

To watch thousands of innocent American’s perish is mind numbingly painful.

Eleven years later no mater where you are in your life, when you start to see the documentaries and special shows start to air leading up to September 11th you are instantly transported back to that day. The images never get easier to digest.

All I can do is say a prayer for those precious lives lost and to the brave men and women who have lost their lives fighting for our great country. Then I say another prayer for the men and women who are still fighting for our country and will continue to fight.

One day I will have to explain this date to Lily, but until then she will keep living in her bubble of childhood bliss. Today I’m going to love on her and Mike a little more and Thank God for each day.


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