Making Life Easier: To Go Snacks

There have been a few times where I have reached into my bag for some replacement snacks and the bag of cheerios only has three left. Sometimes when running out of the house for some quick errands I forget to stop and refill a bag with goldfish or graham crackers. Sometimes I assume they are already filled, because I’m super mom right?

Well to help prevent this from happening again I started to pre-pack cheerios, goldfish, raisins and graham crackers in snack sized Ziplock bags. I place the snack baggies in the Tupperware container that was holding all of her baby food jars. When you are running out of the door it’s so easy to grab these bags! Another plus, is that I make room in my pantry by emptying all the snack boxes and containers! This literally takes but five minutes to complete. I think five minutes making my days easier is five minutes well spent!

For any parent who is rushing out the door, you know how stopping to do a simple task like filling a bag with cheerios can lead into spilling them on the floor, stepping back and then crushing them. Your dog and kid start to go nuts picking up the food while you rush to wipe up the mess…and then when you finally get buckled in and start to drive away….you realize that bag of cheerios is sitting on the counter. Or maybe this just happens to me!

This is one step taken to make this momma’s life easier…

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  1. Elizabeth commented:
    September 28, 2012 Reply

    Great tip!

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