Master Bath Makeover: Phase One

Mike and I have come to the conclusion that our home value has dropped so low that we will be living here for a looooooong time! We originally planned to live in this house around five years and then move to a larger home for a growing family. Our plan tanked right along with the horrible housing market!

Our new plan….to wait it out until the value of our home goes up.


As one of the last homes to close at the height of the market, we had a lengthy fall. Knowing that we might never get our large down payment back has been a very hard pill to swallow.

We have started to make changes to our home now so in five to seven years we won’t have to spend the money for fixes/updates needed to sell quickly. Painting is an easy fix that anyone can do to update a room. Besides Lily’s pink bedroom, the rest of the walls are painted in deep earth tones. The colors are great, but lighter colors are easier on the eye and more buyers are receptive to homes that they feel they don’t have to re-paint.

First area for new paint….the master bedroom and bath. I have been dying to go grey and after several samples I couldn’t find one that would go well with my furniture, bed and the various frames hanging on my walls. Then during a playgroup at my friend Emily Ley’s house I fell in love with the new color she recently used while giving her home a mini facelift (click here to read all about her gorgeous kitchen makeover).

The color is Conservative Grey by Benjamin Moore. The swatch looked so green that I even brought it to MyGym for Emily to confirm I had the right color. Conservative Grey changes depending on the light that comes into the room and the décor. Emily has amazing light that pours in through her kitchen bay windows and sliding doors that lightens this color. She has touches of blue spread through her décor that helps bring out a soft blue in this tone of grey. After sampling the color on a few walls I fell in love with it.

Mike and I went to work during Lily’s nap painting our bathroom. The next morning when we started to put our rug, glass decanters and frames back into place we were in awe how much of a difference just the paint made. The lighter color makes the bathroom seem larger than before. It’s fresh and clean.

Phase one of our bathroom makeover is complete. The next changes are a little more drastic and expensive so we need to plan and search a little longer for the best prices. Mike wants to get rid of our large mirror and replace it with two separate mirrors for each sink (an idea that I’m warming up to) and frame them with molding (an idea I’m loving!). We are going to move the lighting above our mirror and replace the dated light fixture in our guest bath with it. New lighting to go over each new mirror will need to be purchased. Our counter will need to be replaced since it is scratched and has yellow heat marks from years of flat and curling iron use. I might just go ahead and paint the cabinets and swap out new knobs too!

Due to the amount of changes and their cost this makeover is going to take place over the next several months so stayed tuned!

But for this phase I am thrilled with the outcome!

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  1. Jenn commented:
    September 20, 2012 Reply

    Too funny- we are in the exact same boat and about to redo our master bath as well in preparation for what I can only imagine is going to be a LONG stay in our current “starter” house. I’m trying to focus on the things I CAN control (decor!) and not the things I can’t (the dang housing market) but I definitely get frustrated some days! I’m looking forward to following along in your updates 🙂

    • Amy Romano commented:
      September 21, 2012 Reply

      I think many people will be in their starter homes for a while! I totally understand the frustration. I hate when I receive letters in the mail from realtors informing me of homes in my neighborhood that have just sold….for a substantially lower price! Good luck on your redo, let me know how it turns out!

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