Tip Tuesday: Plastic Dry Cleaning Bags

Don’t throw away your plastic dry cleaning bags because I have two ways you can use them!

We have accumulated various place mats and chargers over the years and having no room for them in the kitchen, we store them on our garage. No matter how clean you keep your house, items in your garage can get filthy just sitting on shelves. So I use a plastic dry cleaning bag and cover my place mats with them!

Just slide in your placemats to the very end of the bag. If your bag is open at both ends, just leave enough plastic to fold under the placemats. Once you have all of the placemats in, twist the plastic bag until it is tight and then fold under the bottom. Knotting the bag just makes it more of a hassle when I want quick access to my wicker chargers!

Another way to use your plastic bag is by using the same steps above to cover wreaths. There are zipper case bags that you can buy to store your wreaths in, but you don’t have to spend a dime for these plastic dry cleaning bags (other than the money you would have spent on the dry cleaning!).

You can use these bags to cover really anything you want to keep from dust and bugs! So save those plastic dry cleaning bags and put them to use!!!

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