Tip Tuesday: Stubborn Dish Grime

I love to cook, but I despise the clean up! There is nothing worse then that stubborn grime that is caked onto your dish and even a brillo pad won’t break it up.

Well save your manicure and your sanity with this EASY tip. All you need is a dryer sheet. Yep one dryer sheet will loosen up that grime easier than your trusty brillo pad! When my mom taught me this trick it was like the heavens opened, a light shined down over my sink and little cherubs played their harps and sang out “Halleluiah!” I’m a bit dramatic, but seriously this is genius.

Fill up the dirty dish with water so that the grimy areas are covered by water, no need to completely fill it up, unless your stubborn leftovers are at the top! Unfold the dryer sheet and submerge it in the water. Then wait.

If you have a really bad dish….you know the ones where you are testing out a recipe and might have cooked it a tad too long and on a really high temperature. It is like black tar is permanently attached to your baking pan. Those are the worst dishes to clean and I call them the “two dryer sheet” dishes!

You don’t have to wait that long. I typically leave it in the sink or on the counter for at least 30 minutes, sometimes an hour. Now if you have really done some damage to that dish, let it marinate overnight. Toss the dryer sheet when you are done and rinse the dish. You don’t even need to scrub very hard to remove that filth. Most of the time the once stubborn grime has floated to the top of the water. Is it weird that I get joy when I see that? It’s like I defeated the dirty dish dragon!

So don’t worry about that soiled dish you will chip your polish on…relax while your dryer sheet does all the work!

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  1. melia commented:
    September 18, 2012 Reply

    This is AWESOME! I HATE it when this happens! My fingers turn to prunes when I scrub my dishes…thanks for the tip!

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