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Halloween is right around the corner and this year I decided to make Lily’s Halloween costume. Without giving away exactly what it is (still working on it!), today is all about part of her costume…a simple DIY project that every mom with a daughter should try!

There is something about watching Lily spin around in a tutu that makes my heart melt. Before she was born I lucked out by finding a few cheap tutus at Target…five bucks = major score! Now that she has grown out of those bargain frocks I attempted making one to keep my credit card from melting!

Materials needed:
Knit non-roll elastic band (I use 3/4″ and bought 3 yards)
Sewing needle and thread (I used white to blend with the elastic, and already had it!)
Spool of Tulle (JoAnn’s brand, 25 yard spools of white and shiny white)

To start, measure your child’s waistline (Lily was 18 inches) and then cut the exact length of the elastic band. Sew the ends together to create the tutu’s waist. If sewing is not your forte don’t worry, no one will see the crazy Frankenstein stitches! So far easy right?

Next figure out how long you want the tutu to hang and double that number (why becuase you will be folding the tulle in half to attach it to the elastic band). Find a hard object that you can wind your tulle around, a book or cardboard. Make sure the object used is the length of the total amount you want for your tulle. Example: I want the tutu to run about 9 inches long, doubled I need 18 inch long pieces, so I used an air filter that was the perfect length.

Wrap the tulle around and around whatever object you have. You can secure the tulle with a large rubber band, but I found that as long as I held my left hand over the material I could easily cut with my right hand. Try and cut a straight line to keep the pieces even. I used the edge of the filter as a guide where to cut. Once one side is cut the tulle will loosen, so make sure you keep your hand on the material so it doesn’t budge and then cut the other side. Viola, you have plenty of pieces of tulle at the size you want!

To start adding the tulle pieces I found it easier to place the elastic band around my leg so I could use both hands and pull on the material. Fold the piece of tulle in half and pull the middle under the elastic. At the same time, pull the top of the tulle over the elastic while taking the bottom part and pull it through the loop. Once threaded, pull down on the long pieces of tulle until it tightens into a knot onto the elastic band. I made three knots of plain white tulle and then followed it with a shiny piece. After I had gone all the way around I started to tie in the leftover shimmer pieces where needed.

Tip: If the skirt stretches as your child grows you will start to see the elastic band. Solution, place both feet into the band and lightly stretch the band at your ankles. This exposes the elastic band and lets you know exactly where you need to place some extra tulle!

I can’t believe how easy and cheap it was! Elastic band $2.99, 1 roll of tulle was $2.99 x2(I used ½ of the white and 1/2 of the shiny). One tutu that took about 30 minutes  = $9! With leftover material I can make another, so two for nine bucks makes my grin even bigger!

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  1. Elizabeth commented:
    October 17, 2012 Reply

    Oh, this is so cute! Halloween costume?

  2. Kari D commented:
    October 12, 2014 Reply

    Thank you for the great tutorial! My girls are thrilled. I don’t sew, so instead I stapled the elastic waistband together. Worked great.

    • Amy Romano commented:
      October 15, 2014 Reply

      Thanks Kari! Using a staple is a great idea- a lot quicker too 🙂

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