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With our recent experience with illness it was a huge comfort that we lived in close proximity to an amazing pediatrician. Prior to Lily’s arrival I worked in pharmaceuticals and actually called on her doctor’s office. Being in the medical field and in and out of offices all day, it was pretty easy to find a doctor that both Mike and I agreed was a right fit for Lily. Customary for anything I do I created a list of questions that I asked prospective doctors and staff on our search. Even if you are an adult on the hunt for a new doctor, some of these questions could help narrow your search.

First figure out what kind of doctor you would prefer to help narrow your search. If you have a daughter would you prefer a female doctor or a male? Your daughter won’t care about her doctor’s gender as a child, but as a teenager she might be more comfortable discussing private and possible embarrassing symptoms with a female doctor (or maybe that’s just me!). Make sure you are comfortable with the doctor. Finding a doctor that is understanding, comforting and puts you and your husband/wife at ease is beneficial for first time parents when even a head cold is scary.

Once you have narrowed your search depending on personal preferences and location, you need to make sure the doctor accepts your insurance and is open to new patients. If your insurance is accepted schedule an appointment to meet with the doctor and bring a list of questions, if you have any. Bring your child in if he/she is already born and see how the doctor interacts with them. Remember that most doctors will not charge you for this initial meeting, so be considerate and keep the appointment short and to the questions!

Choosing a doctor that will care for your child can be an easy choice to some and a hard one for others. Below is the list of questions I created for our search for a pediatrician, hopefully it helps you!

Print page 1 here. Print page 2 here.


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  1. Jill commented:
    October 10, 2012 Reply

    All great questions! Thanks for adding a printing option!

  2. Tiffany commented:
    October 11, 2012 Reply

    I work in the medical field and the very first question is one that I would tweek a little. If you ask some doctor’s offices if they “take your insurance” they are going to say yes even if they are not in-network with the insurance company. This is a ploy to get you into their door. Of course they “take” or “accept” your insurance, you may have out-of-network benefits where YOU are charged a higher copay or deductable. Which leaves you footing a large bill, even though you asked them about the insurance before coming in. You should always ask are they “in-network with the insurance” so that they will answer your honestly. And always remember, even if the billing department verifies your benfits, you should call the insurance company to make sure what your benefits are so that you’re not shocked at the copay/deductable at the time of check out.

    • Amy Romano commented:
      October 13, 2012 Reply

      Thanks Tiffany for the great info!!

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    April 27, 2017 Reply

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