Happy Haunting!

Oh Halloween you give mommas a great excuse to dress up our kids in an adorable or hilarious outfit! It’s the time of year where you get to dress your 15 month old as The Situation (from The Jersey Shore), or your 3 year old as a character from A Clockwork Orange for your own amusement.

I think that’s the best part about your child’s first and second Halloween…as parents we still have a say in what they wear! As I pointed out on Monday’s post we dressed as the ‘Heinz” family for Lily’s first Halloween. Mike and I were mustard and ketchup and Lily was a little ketchup condiment packet. I keep glancing back and forth between last year and this year and it amazes me how much our babies grow in one year. Lily did a lot of growing…Mike’s shirt stayed the same!

This year since Lily is walking, attempting to mutter some form of language and enamored by the smallest object or activity, we set out to take advantage of this holiday and this fun toddler age.

Last Thursday we attended an outdoor Trick-or-Treat event at a local shopping strip near our home. All the stores had tables with candy ready for kids and there was a hay ride in the middle of the square. We met up with Elmo & Big Bird (Brady and Emily Ley, two of our dearest friends), and later we ran into the sweetest little candy corn (Lily’s friend Piper) with the cutest bloomers I’ve ever seen!

Of course Lily didn’t understand the concept of trick-or-treating. She wouldn’t even carry her Elmo treat bag. We finally held the bag up to her eye level to show her a bag of M&M’s get dropped inside. She was so excited to see this mini yellow bag of fun that she tossed poor Elmo to the curb. She held the bag close and shook the candy inside. At one point she stopped and did a little window shopping….until she saw the giant white fluffy poodle!

On Saturday we headed out to a small horse ranch near our house for a fall festival with best buds Bryan, Emily & Brady Ley again. This festival had it all…face painting, hay rides, bounce house, pony rides, pumpkin patch and a petting zoo. Emily and I tried to soak up every minute before our tired kiddos hit their breaking point…and conveniently it was right before we got pictures of them at the pumpkin patch. With the wind kicking up and getting too close to nap time we took them inside and lucked out with some of the cutest photos.EVER.

If you live near Tampa I highly recommend you check out Horsepower for Kids. It’s a non-profit organization that uses their horses and 40 other farm animals in fun & educational programs for children and/or adults affected by psychological or physical aliments.

All these little moments I try to soak up. During all the commotion it’s important to stop and watch your child absorb their surroundings. It’s important to take some quick pictures and then stop….stop and actually be there in the moment. Time flies too fast so I try to enjoy these sweet moments before they become memories.

Monday we had a blast at a Halloween party at Lily’s MyGym class and tonight we are heading over to her buddy Beckett’s house (his momma is a good friend and owner of the lovely goods at Oatmeal Lace Designs) for our first neighborhood trick-or-treating experience. To get all the kids together for this is going to be epic.

So soak up today and tonight folks. Enjoy making some fun memories with your kiddos, pets, husbands/wives and friends!

Happy Haunting!


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  1. D. Boykin commented:
    October 31, 2012 Reply

    Loved all the pictures! The one with the big white poodle is just precious!

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