Having way too much fun decorating….

Last year Lily could care less about Halloween decor…This year I had way too much fun decorating for the holiday. This year it is all about birds, spiders and pumpkins. Michaels had some realistic black birds and a small vulture when I was out shopping with Lily. She screamed in delight not fear when she saw them, so I knew it would be safe to get them. Lately our favorite thing to do is hunt for lizards in the front yard and point to birds flying, purchasing realistic ones for inside was a no brainer.

I placed one small black bird on our kitchen counter, hovering some webbed apothecary jars. A crow greets visitors on a lamp and a vulture patiently waits above our kitchen cabinets next to our table.

While Lily went down for her nap and Mike watched football I went to town placing cobwebs on mirrors, lamps, jars and wall sconces. A family portrait from last year sits on the counter (I was Ketchup, Mike was mustard, and Lily was a tiny ketchup condiment packet!). With all the webs I needed spiders…and lots of them. I lucked out with a score at Target…a nice size bag for $3. If you can’t find them, you can always get a bag of plastic spider rings and just snip off the spider, make sure you keep at east one ring to wear on Halloween!

Inspired by this pin, I grabbed small round magnets at Michaels. I had planned to go nuts on the front door, so I cut the magnets in half and glued the spider on (the sticky side of the magnet wasn’t tacky enough). Well to my dismay my awesome spider creations didn’t stick…still puzzled as to why? The spiders are now stuck to the fridge and an oversized clock on our hallway wall.

Tying clear fishing twine to a few spiders made them look like they were suspended in air, hanging by their thread. I taped some twine under out kitchen cabinet so a spider looms over our coffee area. Our coffee, sugar and doggie treat containers have chalk paint in the front that I change to funny words or sayings for holidays or special occasions. I was unadventurous this year with the trick or treat signs…still festive though!

I knew I wanted to have fun with our large chalkboard in the kitchen (read about the simple DIY project here) and after some time I found this lovely post. I originally planned to have only two brooms and leave space for our weekly meal calendar, but I was having way too much fun…and now I don’t have to put up a menu for four weeks! (please excuse my horrible handwriting!)

Isn’t that lampshade creepy…I taped a few plastic spiders inside! My last project for the day was inspired by the brilliant couple over at Young House Love (read their post). I couldn’t find my puffy paint and used some fabric paint instead to make dots along the pumpkin’s creases on one and a monogram with the year we were married on the other. The best part about this project, you could mess up as many times as you want, none of it will show when you spray paint it! You could use a hot glue gun, but you would have to be very confident with applying it, I don’t know how easily it will come off if you mess up! I attempted to apply chevron stripes with painters tape, but I just didn’t have the patience to make each piece of tape match up perfectly. The last step is to spray paint the pumpkins and let them dry (plus adding a bow!). I used indoor/outdoor paint since these will be braving the elements out on the front porch.

All in all I am pretty happy with the 2012 Halloween décor! I still have a few more final touches for the dining room. Now what to do for costumes??? Ideas???


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  1. molly commented:
    October 4, 2012 Reply

    I have seen the spiders inside the lamp and love that idea, but hanging it by the fishing twine…. AWESOME idea!!!!

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