How To Organize & Save Your Hoard Of Magazines

I might have a problem with hoarding magazines.

While waiting in line at the grocery store Us magazine tempts me with captivating headlines…I mean knowing all about Bella cheating on Edward is breaking news right? Real Simple speaks to my organized heart. InStyle keeps me in the loop of what’s in and out. I’m sure the editor would hang their head in shame if they knew I still rocked my maternity leggings {true confession- I tell myself it’s like wearing Spanx…righ?}. Allure’s beauty must haves. Parenting’s toddler friendly foods. And what southern woman doesn’t appreciate every page of Southern Living?

I hoard magazines for two reasons. For one, life happens and sometimes I don’t have the time to read about the Twilight cheating scandal. Secondly, I stick Post-its and dog-ear numerous pages with great recipes, sweet tips and how to’s. Centsational Girl came up with a genius and simple idea on how to manage those saved magazine pages to stay organized.

All you have to do is purchase art sketch books (mine was from Michaels) and glue the magazine pages that you have dog-eared inside. That’s it! I was bummed that my Michaels didn’t have any more of the nice canvas bound books that Centsational Girl purchased…so I got the plain black ones instead. To stay organized I have a book devoted to recipes, another for anything kid related and another for the home. While I went through a few magazines I discovered that I needed another book dedicated to DIY projects. For future reference I made sure that I highlighted the magazine name and added the date or volume if it wasn’t on the page.

This is a project that will take some time given the amount of magazines I have. Once completed, half of my dining room table, two dining room chairs, an empty wicker basket and a bare shelf in a closet will be cleared….I told you I have a problem.

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