Just Spray It

Every now and then I get the itch to spray paint something. By applying some paint you can turn something old into something new. You would be surprised by how cool something might be if you just spray paint it!

Head to the dollar store – spray some cheap photo frames for a party. Spray a terra cotta pot to add some color to your porch. See some wall sconces that you like, but are a crazy shade of purple….just spray it! I found a cheap nightstand at a flea market, gave it a new coat of pink and now it sits in Lily’s nursery. Or what about a garden gnome? Give the little fella a face lift and just spray it all one color, like a fun bright yellow?!? Take some seashells and just spray it with a metallic paint to copycat the expensive ones found at Z Gallerie! My mom gave us her old heavy iron umbrella stand and I gave it a facelift by just giving it a new coat of paint. And I recently sprayed our pumpkins on our porch (read here).

With our bathroom makeover (read here) our three iron candleholders stuck out like a sore thumb against the new light wall color. So I just sprayed them with silver and poof….they look like new!

There are a lot of stores that sell galvanized letters for home décor (Like Pottery Barn and Anthropologie) and I wanted to see if I could make a cop-cat version by spray painting cheap cardboard letters. I found some in the dollar section in Target (SCORE!), but they only had letters A & M, no L (boo). You can also get the wooden letters pretty cheap at Joann. I used the same silver spray I used on the candleholders and sprayed both sides of the letters.

I already had the spray paint so this only cost $2 bucks plus tax, where ones at Anthopologie $18-$98 depending on the size. For a cheap and simple DIY project I’m happy with this. I am going to buff on another color to get a more metallic look. But for right now I put them on a shelf in Mike’s office to spell out our monogram…and yes my mono is ‘arm’…it could be worse…like “ass”!

So if you want to make a cheap change to a room, use an old piece that may be in your garage, or a good find at a consignment shop and just spray it!

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