Lily’s Halloween DIY Ghost Costume

Last year we gave homage to Mike and Pittsburgh by dressing as the Heinz condiment family (Mike was mustard, I was ketchup and baby Lily was the tiny ketchup packet). Still nursing and still carrying all the baby weight I was stoked to have a costume that fit me like a moo-moo. The ketchup packet had a convenient opening at the bottom so we could change her diaper. Lily wore red pajamas underneath and a red headband…easy! Plus it was super cheap…we purchased all three on clearance online for a total around $60.

Now that she is a toddler I thought I would go a bit girly and find a costume with a tutu. Inspired by some ghost costumes on Pinterest that are sold on Etsy I decided I was going to put my Martha hat on and make her costume.

The ghost costume consists of a simple white DIY tutu (see my tutorial here) and a white onesie with iron on eyes, mouth and fun googly eyes. For my first DIY costume…this was easy and gives me confidence to try a harder one next year. BUT then there was the four-hour ghost bow I created for her head….yes four hours. Read all about that doozey here!

Now steps for this easy costume (minus the ridiculous bow!):

  • Wash and air dry the white onesie.
  • Take a black pen and sketch on paper the eyes and mouth you want. I made some eye lashes on the eyes and gave the ghost a friend smile.
  • Cut those out and trace them on cardboard for your stencil. I used cardboard from an empty tissue box. If you are great at drawing you can skip the paper step if you trust your drawing skills. As you can see it took me numerous attempts until I found the perfect eyes. Tip: You can use one eye stencil, just flip it if you are adding lashes so they face the opposite way!
  • Take your cardboard stencils and using a pencil trace onto the fabric. I used black scrap paper so you could easily see the pencil. (save stencils)
  • Cut the eyes and mouth out of the fabric.
  • Using the same stencils trace the eyes and mouth onto The Heat & Bond. Once traced cut the shape.
  • Follow the directions on your Heat & Bond bag! Mine told me I needed to iron the paper liner to the adhesive side first. Well that step led me to actually ironing the sticky part on my ironing board!! (I have been trying to scrape it off, but I am going to just buy a new one at Bed, Bath & Beyond). Turns outs my Heat & Bond didn’t need the first step, so I cut new pieces!
  • Iron the heat and bond stencil pieces onto the onesie and allow it to cool. Once it is cooled you peel back the paper liner, lay the black fabric over the exposed adhesive and press the iron over to heat and seal the fabric together!
  • Flip the onesie over and with puffy paint write BOO on the bottom for a cute little message when your girl bends over to pick up the candy she drops!!
  • Hot glue the googly eyes on top of the black fabric.
  • For final touches I had her wear her black sparkle Toms and the special Halloween ghost bow I created (tutorial here).

Add pants or a long sleeved onesie if you live in cooler temps. To make this costume even easier and cheaper, you could cut out the shapes from felt and just hot glue them to the onesie! By using the Heat & Bond I didn’t have any worries about washing it. This year we have a few Halloween parties and festivals to attend so I made two onesies. After a festival near our house I was able to go home and wash her costume (just the onesie) for her to wear it again to another function. I think I’m going to get my use out of this costume…Plus Lily can wear the white tutu just for fun after the holiday! Even if I put Lily in a potato sack and she would still look BOO-tiful to me <= biased mom.

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  1. Paula (SuSu_ commented:
    October 21, 2013 Reply

    THIS IS MY F A V O R I T E costume of the year….smart mama and delightful baby girl…

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